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Saturday, August 6, 2011


Last night was amazing.
I could not have been happier.
I have so many people to thank.
Renny, you did it.
My bestest, onliest, favorite BFFBUSINESS partner, Olivia.
Jesse for hanging with me until 3:30 am and everything.
Asher, Doug, Jose, Clay, Liz D, Allison Joe, Suzanne Phan, Liv Moe,
Nick Miller, Laura Carter Tim Foster, Jon, Richard, Nate, Aaron, Paul and Paul,
Steven, Jairus, Melissa, Melinda, SUBMERGE, Daniel W. and Daniel T., Liz L, Michelle, Judd,
Savannah, Kandis, Chris, Hummel, Debbie, Phil, Matt and Melody, Jen W, Adam, Addam, Jessica, Jocelyn, Jared, Michael. Thank you guys for being a part of this huge ball. It will keep rolling.

we sold 6 original framed illustrations
within the first hour of the opening reception last night!

The shirts looks great on the wall.
What a fun group project!

Half the shirts sold off the rack last night, and a few from
the wall too! You can buy the ones on the wall!
I cafeully pinned their price tags inside each one,
they range from $15-$100,
are all ONE OF A KIND.
made by my favorite local word, sound, and visual artists.

I still have the screens and can make you your very own Prescription piece !
Bring me the shirt you want to make it on,
Or set up at date with me at my VERGE studio
and we can print it together!

or ORDER your own on FIBERS.COM

liz liles and laura carter.
laura made the funnest shirts in this show!


and liz.

sun and moon.
she has helped me so much
i can not even begin to express
my appreciation for this creature.

( they created LAUNCH, and it was
a successful fucking blast last week!)

Judd Hertlzer

(has a show here next month!
and a work in this show)

liz and sarah B!

(these fine artists have work in the show)

Jose is telling Jesse about
nipples i think.

(they both have work in this show)

HE has a Show here in OCTOBER!

most lovable bows bartender, artist (he has work in this show),
builder, speaker of Japanese, collector,
jackassofall trades
mister matt hummel.

Debbie's looking fine on the opposite side
of our bar last night!
We love you and your support!

(has work in this show)

first dude i met many years back that
got me thinking we can
do this. he's always been
THE BIGGEST supporter
of local music and arts.
check him out.

(vincent vargas has work in this show)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Pumped up. Prescription show. This Friday!

We have made over 100 shirts for this show.

about 20 of the funnest will make it onto the wall for the show on friday!

it will run through Sept 1. at the new

BOWS and ARROWS at 1815 19th street

in midtown Sacramento.  

All shirts are made by local painters, writers, drummers, wizards and teachers.

They are all one of a kind.  

Most of the shirts are collaborative pieces made by more than

two artists at a time.

Renny Pritikin wrote the Prescription, I read it, fell in love.

Got inspired. starting drawing. Created the show. Got 25 artists to draw original art work illustrating one of the 24 phrases in the Prescription, Paul and I made the silk screens. I printed them with most of the artists by hand at the Verge.  

Liz and I made special hang tags for each one so you can read who did what to each shirt, and we made garment labels that have been sewn one by one into each shirt with love.

 Shirts have been hand dyed, painted, beaded, stitched and skillfully scissored by local artmakers that you need to know. 

Priced between $15 and $50, you can totally  bring one home.   

Wear it O U T .

to bed. to garden in. to run in. to dance in. sweat, sleep, play...

spread the word about HOW to make your art scene healthier. 

Each artist who made the shirts will be directly supported when you purchase one from the show at Bows and Arrows.  If you can not make it to our show before September 1, but want to support these artists and the PRESCRIPTION FOR A HEALTHY ART SCENE, you can go to FIBERS.COM

after the opening of the show, Friday, August 5, and make your own ONLINE!!!

Matt from has created a special zone in

his online shop JUST FOR THIS PROJECT ! 

gatta go. i'm a little obsessed with printing and sewing right now.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

MBA GALA the Warhol Economy, Pregnant Premiere

the team got fancy to attend a special
evening with a lecture on
The Warhol Economy: How Fashion, Art, and Music Drive New York City [Hardcover]
by Elizabeth Currid (Author)

From Publishers Weekly
In detailing the inner workings of New York's creative industries-ostensibly to demonstrate what policymakers ignore when their appreciation for art begins and ends at the museum-urban planning Ph.D. Currid gives readers an eagle-eyed look at the networking mechanics of the art-as-business crowd. Colorful description abounds, as do colorful characters, such as "petite, personable" Claw, who "has clothing lines with Calvin Klein and Ecko, and is the fashion editor for the indie magazine, Swindle," as well as "one of the most celebrated female graffiti artists of all time." Using Claw's success to illustrate "three important characteristics of the cultural economy"-"unique and symbiotic" inter-industry relationships, rapid commodification of cultural goods and multiple streams of self-generating buzz-Currid is at her lucid best. Unfortunately, the policymaking conclusions she draws are weak; Currid doesn't get very far beyond admonitions to stop "shutting down nightclubs" where the art community connects and instead to support, publicly, "ways in which this artistic and cultural environment is reinforced." Funding for cultural organizations such as GenArt are discussed, as are tax initiatives and artist living subsidies, but Currid doesn't take into account the examples of other cities, like Providence, RI, that have already taken such steps; thus, Currid's blanket statements about the state of urban affairs, and her vague recommendations to improve it, aren't nearly as convincing as her vivid cultural reportage. 25 halftones, 22 line illus.
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
[Currid] describes the organic, informal, social networking side of the creative arts in a mixed tone of Rolling Stone new journalism and objective reporting that serves to advance her central thesis: that as an independent drive of an urban economy, the arts and its related industries should stop being viewed as the beautiful step-child of city environments.
(Susan Gardner Daily Kos )

michelle alexander and kari shipman

Prescription for a Healthy Art Scene Show 
shirts for Sale starting AUGUST 5 at Bows and Arrows 

Daniel Trudeau is Pregnant.
Shane Skogberg film director
at bows and arrows last night.
our first Film PREMIERE party