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Monday, May 24, 2010

maybe next MBA board member right herrrr

Guess who got nominated to be on the board of the Midtown Business Association???? Me, that's who. I really do have a lot of respect for the MBA staff and current board members, but there is no one on there like me. I am a good representative of small business retail in Midtown. In my opinion small businesses like ours don't contribute financially to the community in the same way that the big bars and restaurants do, and the large property holders, like Regional Transit and Sutter, but we are the FLAVOR!! We are the working class underbelly of our town and we support the musicians, the arts, the designers, and struggle to make a living while doing so. I am hella frugal too, and sometimes I am surprised at how money gets spent. I wanna put my two cents in. Who knows if I will get voted in. The meetings are open to the public but only MBA members get to vote. I don't see many young people at the meetings, and by young I mean under 40. The big vote takes place Wednesday evening. Wanna come support me????? It is a goddamned three year term too, as if I don't have enough on my plate.

I'm just so honored to be nominated!! I want to make a difference in our city.

New Midtown Monthly ad!!

I just finished our new Midtown Monthly ad and I'm pretty stoked on it. The photo shoot with Siobhan modeling and Kristin Cofer taking photos has been so inspiring to me.
I've been eager to use some of the shots for our marketing shizzzzz.
I also plan to hang at this one in a million river spot a ton this summer.

Our last coupon was for 15% off, but I decided to up it to 25% off this time. I am curious about ads and how they work. Midtown Monthly has great rates so I never feel like it is a waste of money, but I want people to see the ad and come in and buy shit. The only way to tell if they see the ad is if they use the coupon.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Garage Sale: Poppin Off!!!

Today is day two of our HUGE ASS GARAGE SALE. Yesterday was awesome! We purged some major stuff. We put out MORE STUFF for today!!! 8-3pm only. EVERYTHING $3 OR LESS!!! Most stuff ONE DOLLA!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


On April 19, 2010,

my sister, Kim had a Baby!!!!

Her name is Madison and she is the first

of the new generation.

I went home to see her last week....

I decided to bust out the side-knot on my Tshirt
and old jeans from highschool that
I wore to my parents 28 year wedding anniversary
dinner at a terrible "mexican" restaurant on
saturday night. the tie in my top was the coolest
thing going on at that dinner.

We went straight over to Jackie's house

and played Cranium.

Love it. blind Drawing? yes please.

Humming songs, charades, multiple choice trivia,

light thinking...yes! It's way better than playing fucking

trivial pursuit with Melissa and Joey who I swear sit around

everynight and quiz eachother, going through all the

answers in every version ever made.

(just kidding, kinda, Melissa, I know you are very very Smart)

I just hate playing games I don't Feel like a Champion in...

more baby....

This is Madison looking at my mom...checking Grandma out.

She's getting tired, and we are laughing at her.

God She is so cute!

This is the day we met....

and I held her as much as I could because I knew I did not have much time.

This is when I hate living two thousand miles away from my family.

While my mom went to Chicago for the weekend to work and visit her parents,

I went with my Dad to visit my sister Melissa in Kirksville, Mo.

We went fishing, played games, and I doodled at the kitchen table.

I can't think of too many things my Dad likes to do more than fish with his daughters.

I had a great time at home. I love seeing my family.
I can't wait to go back. See you this summer.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Neon Indian - Should Have Taken Acid With You

Does anyone else want to do this with me this summer? I am not talking about taking acid, I'm talking about making surveillance movies in public places.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Michael Nesmith - Cruisin'

You have no idea what this video means to me.
Sydney and I watched this video literally hundreds of times as kids.
It shaped my idea of what's funny, what's sexy,
how to dress and who I want to be. (It probably sounds like I'm kidding, but I'm not.)

In 1981 Michael Nesmith, best known from The Monkeys, put out a VHS tape called Elephant Parts. It was all comedy skits and music videos. My Dad brought it home one day and this along with Caddyshack, shaped my early moral judgement, bonded me, with my sense of humor, to my father, and made me want to have fun, and look hot doing it.

Lucy and Ramona and Sunset Sam.

Spring Dream: Glamour Hippies

This spring has been so beautiful in Sacramento.
Dani showed me this secret spot and I treasure it. My beautiful Siobhan and darling Felicia modeled for us. Trisha and Erica and I styled the shoot. I am out of my black Gothic Hippie and back into Glamour Hippie hardcore. With sun comes colour.

High waisted trousers, suspenders, delicate sheer prairie love top, with Jeffery Campbell patchwork leather platforms, and a real 1920's worn leather cloche.

We had our dream team again for this shoot.
Photographer: Kristin Cofer
Make-up: Emily Hunt
Hair: Ericka Michael

I mean, Come on!! Emily Hunt is the fucking Queen of make-up.

And that hair!! Damn Ericka you are a genius!

If I made porn, this is what it would look like. I grew up ogling 70's babes like this.

Trisha made those Miss Chief of California shorts
from vintage 90's ethnic print fabric and wide elastic.
Hot! The shirt is treasure of mine. My bff's mom wore it to discos in the 70's.

Vintage leather vest with crazy long fringe over a Miss Chief of California romper that I made out of vintage fabric circa 1987. Damn Fine.
HOT! Patchwork leather short shorts from the 70's.

Sheer tops. Love em. Periwinkle and fuscia watercolor flowers. wow.

Vintage levi's worn denim shirt and 90's harem pants.
I'm crazy for 70's and 90's, right?
I guess cuz I was a hippie in the 90's.

Thanks everyone!!
It warmed my inner core
into a strobe light to work with all you creative
gorgeous dream girls.

Let's talk about it: Cellulite

So, let's talk about cellulite. It's hereditary. Really skinny people and really athletic people can have it, really curvy people sometimes don't. I hate that I notice it on people, and am critical of it on me, but since we can't really help it, let loose with the short shorts, right?
I am always a little shocked and a lot impressed when I see someone, who clearly must know they have cellulite, rocking a short skirt or short shorts. I want to be like that! Well, truth be told, I want to not have any cellulite, but since I do, I want to not give a shit about it and just wear whatever I want to wear. That said, I do always notice it on people. There is a model I like, who is super tiny teeny tiny skinny and she wears shorts that are so short and tight they resemble high waist brief panties of your granny's. And there it is, right under her nearly exposed butt cheeks, . . . cellulite. My other friend has the body of a fly girl in heat. So fine. Super curvy, booty to die for. I've really never seen anything like it, and her legs are as smooth as porcelain. This babe don't exercise either. Not a lick of it.
What have we learned from all this. The usual:
Life is unfair. I still want to wear short denim cut offs.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Rorie wins hottest outfit and
most serious moves.

Heather and Alli gettin down in the CAGE!

i was shocked and so happy to see so
many fine asses up on stage to compete!
The leopard print Romper girl
is the BEST dirty dancer i have seen
in sacramento.
she earned that cash!

one fine DJ

RAFTER!!!! killin' it.

Brought to you with Love,

See you next time!