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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Motomatic Mopeds moves to the ghetto!

So a cranky old snatch in the alley decided to get code enforcemento up Motomatic's booty and they decided to jump ship and bail out to the GGG-eeehhhh-To where no one will give a damn what they are up to.
It's in a secret location.
Rorie and I decided to go check it out.
Secret doorway.
Lots of space.
Love wood paneling.
There's an interesting homeless camp around the corner. Commies?

The broom for tidying up. I suppose those Commie Homeless folks like to keep a neat camp.

We were hunting for feral cats. Supposedly there are hundreds out here.
Sweet. I love a good neutering program!

There's one!! See it?
This was a junior high moment.
Navy skirt, black sandals, black oversized tee. Like we called before school and planned our outfits.
In an adjacent building there is an office area with glass blocks! Sexy!!
Rorie is going to work as a receptionist, as a joke, for free.
We ended the day with SUNDAYSSSSSSSS! Not me though, that much dairy is disgusting. Hahahahahaa

Films: Scanners


Ummmmmm . . . . How did I miss this gem? I fucking LOVE these sci fi movies from the 90's. The hair, the giant plastic firearms, the acting, the eyewear. Oh my god, so good.
This guy had a BAD attitude. Real bad.
The Babe.
This guy was just on a commercial, but he was great too.
This guy was very high strung. He trashed a cafeteria.

This little fella was the enemy. The movements were so jagged and comical.
This was the OTHER enemy. A robot weapon camoflaged as a homeless child. Not kidding. The little metal rat AND the homeless child. Genius.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Engineers are the Ultimate Utilitarian Artists

My mom and I went to see my Dad receive the Claire Pomeroy Award, for Medical Device Innovation at the Sacramento Med Tech Showcase last week. It was awesome!!

Claire Pomeroy is a vital energetic woman! She gave an invigorating speech about the Sacramento region's crucial and ever expanding role in Bio Medical research and clinical trials and all things medical! She controls a 1.2 Billion dollar budget! Damnnnnn! I was fucking inspired by this woman!

These are the four winners posing with Claire and the other panelists.

I have always thought of my Mother as the artist in my family, but the more I see my father's amazing work I realize that engineers are the ultimate utilitarian artists. I actually have two artists for parents!
My Dad's mom, Viola, wore this necklace every day of my life. I wore it to the award ceremony.
Inside is a photo of my grandpa, Albert and my great grandmother Olivia, who I was named after. I wanted us all to be there, because I know how incredibly proud they would all be!!
Thanks for being an inspiration.