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Monday, August 31, 2009

Hiss and Hearse Interview

I am pretty honored that the Radical woman and my friend Kristin Cofer wanted to interview me for her blog Hiss and Hearse. I have been using her as my ultimate favorite photographer and graphic designer for years and I am so impressed with all she is doing these days. You should really check her out and go read my interview! There is a giveaway if you leave a comment!

Animal Romper!

Now there are cute rompers, cute High waisted shorts, cute jumpers, and cute Animal prints, but really, to see them all together like this is making me scream. My girl Alison came to visit mainly to go to the California State Fair and celebrate her birthday with Funnel Cake and an entire bottle of wine. When she was ready to shove off she came out in this number and I had to snap a few. I really like it with the electric Blue suede Fringe purse and little gold belt. You got it!

Yuba Summer Round Two!!

Dude, the Yuba river is the shit. We went camping there again for the second time this month. Yay Summer! Love it. Trisha and I actually both left the shop for an entire weekend without cell service. If it wasn't for our wonderful Jen, and Amanda too, we would never have been able to relax.

We did all the best nature stuff, leaped off giant rocks, saw some hippie boobies, shot off BB guns, drank Miller High Life, buried the dog up to her head in the sand, caught lizards, saw some sweet Bro Trucks, hung out with hill folk and learned about all the new hill drugs, (apparently if you go to your doctor and tell her/him that you got pee in your mouth they will give you an opiate cough syrup called Bo, (sounds like bow). I can't really wrap my brain around that one but supposedly it is all the rage.)

Wow! What a great weekend. The only thing that would make it better is if we could have stayed for a week!

I put all our photos on bows and arrows Flickr! These are just a few gems.

I think Trisha wins best booty challenge. So cute.

Lots of Badass Bro Trucks!!

Don't stick your butt in my face if you don't want a grope.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This is going to be fun!!  Come into Bows & Arrows if you want to sign up to be a vendor.  It's only $20 to participate if you come in before the 1st of September.  You're creative, right?  Let's do this!


Meghan sent me the most amazing fitness book ever written.  CATFLEXING:  a catlover's guide to weight training, aerobics & stretching.  Our subject, Boo nay nay, my luxury cat, was not incredibly willing, but we're working on it.  Siobahn tried out the "Cat Twist" with her with mixed results.  

Mochi bore witness to this from Rafter's lap.

Then there was an uncomfortable three-way with Vonnie's foot.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hold My Gold!!

Dang!  We have teamed up with Erica at Hold My Gold for ebay fun.  We are so honored to join her crew!  She has got a stellar eye and everything looks so great!!  Jumpers, Rompers, Tunics, Pencil Skirts, just to name a few.  Check it out!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Long and Flowy Vintage Floral Blazers circa 1989!!

Long and Flowy Vintage Floral Blazers circa 1989!!  I feel like they don't have much hanger appeal, but they are so cute over leggings with a giant chunky necklace.  I like them over short shorts too or a tiny tank dress.  They are perfect for August nights when we get a bit of the delta breeze rolling into town late at night.    

Friday, August 21, 2009

Quad Cam, I love you!

Do you remember the Nickelodeon Quad Camera from the 90's???  They were brightly colored ugly plastic kiddy cameras that took four photos per frame on 35 mm film.  They would only work for about 20 rolls of film before breaking.  I took thousands of photos with my quad cams, all five of them.  So last week I downloaded the Quad Cam ap on my Iphone, after seeing it all over Richard St.Ofle's blog for ever, and it is almost as fun.  It takes four photos in quick succession, which I don't like unless your subject is very active.  I am working on it!  These are my first ones.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pixie Market

Have you seen this store?  pixie market!!!  This is where I would shop if I had money.  I don't know if it is just because it is styled so well, and the models are so interesting looking and long and tiny, but Everything on here is so appealing to me!  So much of it is vintage inspired.  It would be so fun to pattern-make some of the cutest things in Bows & Arrows and produce limited edition series in new fabrics and full size runs!    

Lovin my girls!

I never get corny photos with my girls, but this one is so cute.  We spent my favorite part of the night pre-partying in my kitchen, drinking filthy dirty martinis and then . . . sparks, left over from camping.  Sparks is like Polaroid film, I keep hearing that it is being discontinued and so when I see it I feel like I HAVE to buy it.  Marketing schemes.  How do I get people to think that vintage clothing won't be available in a month and they have to buy it all up now?

Anyhoo, Dani is wearing this button up deep Navy romper that she got in Bows & Arrows last month.  It looks so cute on her and she wore it with this magical geometric beaded belt.  

I am wearing this experiment that I am really into.  I took a big oversized Jumpsuit with wide leg Palazzo pants and a boring short sleeve high neck top and cut it way down to tank top with deep scoop neck, a little too deep, that is my bra showing, and tapered legs.  I kept the crotch low and comfy.  We have like 12 of those big jumpsuits at the shop and they have Awesome Patterns, but not much hanger appeal.  Should I make more???  

Trisha is wearing a white silky tank with cut out embroidery on top.  Love these.  We have a bunch of cute flowy, silky vintage tanks at the shop for about $8 each.  People don't seem to know how to wear them, but it is this simple, with cut off denim short shorts, a big leather belt and cute high heeled sandals.  

Siobahn can kind of "do no wrong" she's so cute.  This little cotton cinch dress looked really good from behind.  Just the right length.  And she's wearing these amazing lace up super high heeled leather sandals in bright CORAL.  It looks just like real coral in the freaking ocean.  Best color ever.

We went to FUCK Saturday night at The Townhouse.  Fun night out!  Now I am fixated on the STATE FAIR!!  

Miss Chief of California: Clash Vintage Prints

So Trisha and I have been making these radical High Wide Elastic Waist full mini skirts as a part of our new line, Miss Chief of California.  They are made with Vintage Fabric, by the two of us, exclusively for Bows & Arrows in Sacramento.  So far we've been selling them for $18.  How you like them apples?  Kind of love it paired here with a wild print up top too.  Loud clashy prints right on top of each other and still seeming simple.  Yes!