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Thursday, July 29, 2010


I'm so excited for this show.
Richard and Tim and I showed at The Albina Press a couple of years ago and had a blast.
This time Trisha is joining the line up.
I love any excuse to go to Portland, but having an art show with my closest friends has got to be the best reason. Please come to the opening if you can!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The State Fair Affair

God, I love the State Fair!
There is really nothing like it. It is the ultimate melting pot of Sacramento Summer lovin.
Just the fashion alone, is worth the $12, but I paid nothing because I was with my lil bunionectomer.
Help me figure this out. What is the letter "I" doing here? We watched him get stuck in a doorway just after this photo and some friendly folks got together and shoved him through.

Ror has to test the temperature in all the spas. Has to.

First corndog of the season!

The wide variety of crap for sale at The Shopper's Expo is pretty overwhelming. Who wants to buy their sheets at the state fair? I mean, it was a great deal, but who wants to carry them around for the rest of the day? By far the hand carved mahogany helicopters were my favorite. People must have a lot of time on their hands.

All Hmong synchronized hip hop dance troupe. They were sick!! Especially the toddler.

Juggalos represent!

I need this for the cabin!

This is the spa I want. It is vinyl, and weighs like 10lbs, and only costs $5 a year to keep hot somehow. Rad. It's little too. Too bad it costs $2700.

We made a point of putting Rorie in all the wheelchair accessible spots,
whether she wanted to be there or not.

Apparently the sheep were overrun by the KKK.

Baby billy goat. I want one! If I had a back yard I would seriously want one.

What's with horns AND udders? I'm really asking.

Dude, the llamas had some serious attitudes to match their fierce haircuts.

Here's how you drink booze at the Fair. You bypass all the $8 itty bitty beers, and $12 margaritas and you head straight to the wine island and you can taste as many wines as you want and buy a bottle for about $15, then waltz around the fair with it.

Baby piggies under a heat lamp.
Sometimes we jet around with Ror.

Not sure why, but we felt compelled to take prom pictures in front of the T.Rex.

I would say this was the predominant fashion statement at the fair this year: Over-sized denim shants coming to mid calf with sneakers and white socks pulled up high, so NO leg sneaks through to the light of day.

I have never rode the Monorail before, but it was great! We restricted ourselves to stuff our handicapped friend could go on. The monorail takes you on a winding journey through the whole fair in the sky.



I like a ride, named after a condom, constructed by tweekers, with a twenty foot hot babe emblazoned on the front.

This was the Funnel Cake that did me in.
Not sure why I had to order it, and why I had to eat every inch of it. But I did. And today I paid for it. A combination of Corndogs, fried zucchini, slushy, cheap wine, rides and this gigantic funnel cake, had me up at 3am with a killer tummy ache.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Hey Dad,
Neil Norgaard invited you and mom
out to his home.
This is it.
He built it.
Unreal what humans can do with their hands.

This was so fun! Thank you so much for
hosting the raddest party of the summer.
It was so nice meeting your
beautiful family