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Monday, December 28, 2009

The Holidays!!!

Maybe the poorest choice for a name.


Setting up for Christmas Oh Dang!

Amazing fairy tranny Santa

Magen & Jose's Dinner party

Jungle reunion at Townhouse

drew an interesting crowd.

Bad kitteh gets everywhere she shouldn't.

Lots of time sitting right here with my buddies.

Russell decorated the dancefloor

Mama Ruth & Stefan catching up at Bows.

Jyoti's home!

We went Caroling in a drunken mob.

Alan blowing minds at kareoke.

My tree!

So bad.

Shaun had fools over to chill on Christmas eve.

What a fun Holiday Season! Lots of friends and movies and cuddletown and hot toddies and snacking and good food! Love it!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sellout Buyout: December 2009!

Sellout Buyout was really fun yesterday.
It was a little slow because of the rain, and the fucking horrible economy, but the goods were amazing. I was really impressed with the nice spread everyone brought to the table.
Danielle's NANOMETER line is lookin real sharp.
Marty May has taken her goods up a notch as well. I love when people participate year after year and I get to see them evolve, hone in on their style, and polish their skills.
This beauty, Leora, is new to the show. I just loved her jewelry, very fanciful. Her pieces managed to be both delicate and bold. Very inventive. Those are crystals in the bullets.

Did you know that Trisha and I are making a house brand for Bows & Arrows called Miss Chief of California? We've been making these cute lil stretch waist mini skirts with vintage fabric, like the one above. This last week I went nuts tie-dying. Loved it, so I had my Gothic Hippie tie dye stuff out. It was mainly vintage with some new tunics and tops. Cute.
I also went chain crazy and made these long GOLD chainy dangly necklaces out of new and vintage chains. They look really pretty on.Trisha made these pretty wooden frames for hanging earrings. I have all my dangly earrings just sitting on a shelf at my house, so I can't wait to get them on one of these. I like making my closet look like a little boutique.

Annie Rose, Deranged Designs, has been doing Sellout Buyout for years now. She has a very specific market and mainly sells online, but it is always great to see what she's been making. Her craftsmanship is pretty extraordinary.

Well, I wish it wasn't dumping rain today, but All in All the show was fun and I am already excited about March!
love, Olivia