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Thursday, July 30, 2009

wow. . .kind of speechless.

Wow.  This can be the first official selection of  "juxtapositions make me giggle".  Two of my favorite babes next to this hilarious painting of a . . .woman . . with horn boobs?  This bar will hopefully be hosting our Buckhunter night shortly.  

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Diamonds & Geometrics

I mean, patchwork snakeskin flats?  In rad sunset colors?  I love the Native American necklace too, the graphic print and bright tangerine.

Separates. Love it!

This wild high waisted peplum skirt and matching cropped jacket just blew my mind.  There is even a built in lace hanky in the breast pocket.  Dang!!

jumpsuits jumpsuits jumpsuits

Anyone who knows me knows that I love jumpsuits.  I am short and curvy too, so you'd think they wouldn't work, but they do.  I wear them all the time, from all different time periods and feel damn cute.  I took some photos of Jess in a few of my favorites in the shop right now.

portrait of daniel white

My idea for the portrait of Daniel White for the "If you do me, I'll do you" portrait show, was to follow him around a lot, to favorite locations and listen to him and take photos.  Here are a few.

orson st.ofle four days young

Congrats Corine & Richard!!  Little Orson has arrived!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Palazzo Pants

I photographed Jess in these amazing sheer Palazzo Pants from the 70's and it got me curious about where they originated.  I found this info on couture allure 
Galitzine is most famous for introducing palazzo pants in 1960, and here we see one of the earliest incarnations as shown in the October 1964 issue of Vogue magazine. Named "Palazzo Pyjamas" by Diana Vreeland, they were a relaxed but sophisticated evening look.

Success came when Galitzine was given the pretigious "Filene's Young Talent" award in Boston in 1959, and her designs were introduced to America. She was voted "Designer of the Year" by the Italian press in 1962 and given the "Sunday Times International Fashion Award" in 1965.

Galitzine closed her house in the late 60's, but reopened 1970. Princess Galitzine died in October 2006. Her house is still in operation today.

Shown above are her palazzo pyjamas in black matelasse. "Softened folds at the neck continue under the short top tier, and flare to a tunic over wide pants. The back - bared to the waist. In America at Lord & Taylor." There is a wide black satin ribbon sash at the waist, tied in a big bow at the front. The model wears little jeweled evening slippers.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Totally made this out of trousers

So Corine's newest maternity wear that is not maternity wear is this dress I made out of a pair of 70's poly trousers four years ago.  So cute!!

If you do me, I'll do you reception

I have to say, I really love every piece in this show.  I feel like everyone made very thoughtful pieces.  Portraits are hard!  It is nice to see such varied works.  There are over 20 pieces in the show and the ones covered in glass were difficult to photograph.  REally try to come down and see the show!  It will be up until the 2nd week of August.  

Stefan Burnett's portrait of Sarah Barkawi
Mike Rafter's survellience portrait of Andy Morin
Liv Moe's portrait of Richard St.Ofle
Sarah Barkawi's portrait of Janine Mapurunga
Jose di Gregorio's portrait of Liv Moe

Jairus Tonel's portrait of Dani Kando-Kaiser on the left and Jessica Jones' portrait of Jairus Tonel on the right.

Dj Gourmet kept us happy all night long.  

Moped Rides & Licorice Pipes

My dear Meghan came to visit.  My dream is that she opens an alterations shop in the back of our store and teaches us how to sew really hard stuff.  Until then she comes up to visit from LA and insists on getting a black licorice pipe from Newsbeat and "smoking" it for half an hour.  Rafter took us on a rad lil moped ride.  I always forget why anyone wants to deal with mopeds until I get back on one and ride really fast.  Ya!

Doug Biggert at The Verge

I Just love this show at The Verge.  The "sandal shop" in the front room is all polaroids from 1968-72 taken out front of the sandal shop that Doug worked at.  The captured moments are so personal and candid.  I've never seen regular people relaxing in their element from this time period.  I've only seen magazines and movies.  I could spend hours in there looking at them.  It reminds me of the first few years at Olipom when I took polaroids of everyone and taped them to the walls.  It will be cool to exhibit those in 20 years.  The large room of the show is portraits of hitchhikers.  It makes the sandal shop seem so innocent.  REally loved the whole show!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

If you do me, I'll do you

The artwork for this show has been streaming in.  I am so excited to hang it!  The reception is 6-10 this Saturday July 11th at Bows & Arrows 1712 L Street, Midtown Sacramento