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Thursday, February 25, 2010

bits and pieces

I feel weird.

Now that's a healthy lunch!! Why am I fucking sick all the time then? Don't know!! I'm feeling kinda pissy today. But I just finished sewing 12 new items for this Saturday's Sellout Buyout. So I'm still being productive. That's the important thing when I'm sick. I am not just laying around being lazy and feeling sorry for myself. I did that yesterday.
Terrible crop.
Someone left this on our trashcan.
My favorite part is that instead of saying barely legal it says barely old.
This is how I feel.
This is how Pom Pom feels.

Sun brings love.

My friend Alice came to visit me recently. We met when we were misfits living in Santa Cruz. Did a lot of terrorizing together. It is so wild when you see someone from your past again and your heart swells and it is as good and as fun as it ever was. It is not always like that, but it is with Alice. I will never lose touch with you again.

Making Art Despite Distractions

I've been painting in my dining room lately. I've been using a lot of watercolors on large canvases and I need the paintings to stay flat until they dry. Unfortunately, I have a bad cat who likes to get on everything. I have caught her napping on my drying paintings on several occasions. So weak.

There she is.

Look at that bad fucking cat. Eating my plants. Please note for the record that the small plant in the background is catnip, bought specifically for her. Not interested. Right in front of her are two of the spray bottles I use to try to get her OUT OF MY AREA. Not afraid. She is like having a raccoon loose in the house.

You know how sometimes you start painting and you don't have any clue why you are painting what you are painting you just are compelled to do it? I started painting this series on tiny pieces of watercolor paper and they grew and grew. I didn't realize until just now that they were inspired by my trip to Yellowstone! All that geothermal activity. The organic forms and colors. How chaotic and yet always with these circles, bubbles and froth in perfect orbs.
Those tall jars are metallic powdered watercolor. Loving it!

smooch smooch, got another babe in a forest coming along.

Around Town: What if Shuffles was a rapper?

Rafter texted me this and said, "What if Shuffles was a rapper?"

Our new accountant had a case of warm beer under his chair
and an entire shelf of hard liquor, seen here behind Trisha. To top it off he had the limpest of limp handshakes. We got jr high giggles.

Road Trip: Redding CA

Did you know that my mom is a professional artist? She is bidding on a project at the Mercy hospital in Redding, so I joined her!! We had such a fun weekend. Love my mom. Not to brag but there is seriously no way that your mom is better than my mom.

When Rafter saw this he said, "Nice P.I. photo." Totally. There were a lot of hunters in dem parts. You can see my freaking gigantic citrine engagement ring and gold wedding band here.

This is what I'm looking like these days. Don't you love it when people take photos of themselves in public restrooms and post them on the internet?
We went to one of these in Reno last year and when I saw the sign for one on the way to Redding I flipped out and tore off the freeway to get to it. Can you say Buttermilk Biscuit in my face???
My mom taught me that in order to stop eating a gigantic portion of food you have to, "put it to bed," with your napkin.


What a RAD place. I loved it. It was raining and so lovely. I can't wait to go back and see it in the summer!

We saw this guy walking this cat and then duck into the woods. It was so weird that we followed him. When he came out he was muddy and we asked if he lost his cat. We thought maybe he was abandoning it. Turns out that his name is Ellis and he feeds the cats down at the river by the Sundial bridge AND he traps them and gets them spayed and neutered!!! If idiots ONLY feed strays and don't get them fixed, then they are just contributing to a growing population of sick feral cats. This guy was AWESOME. He told us some great stories. We tried to give him money to help with his cause, but he wouldn't take it.

My mom and I stayed at this cute lil Bed & Breakfast and the owners were SERIOUS Keith Urban fans. Serious. There were posters of him framed and signed all over the house and a bunch of holiday greeting cards from him on the fridge and a bunch of photos of the family stalking him at concerts.

This is my mom and me partying at the grocery store. We partied really hard. We were in bed by 8pm watching informative videos about the local tourist attractions in Redding.

The thrifting wasn't really that great. There was one rad shithole, but most of them were total dumps with really expensive shit inside. This place was a fucking stinky dump and the boots inside were $45. NOt cool. If a fucking dump has shit for a dollar, then that's cool.

I learned about how in the summer Redding is rad because there is geothermal activity and long bike trails and caverns and rafting. Wanna go with me?