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Sunday, January 30, 2011


THE best crab I have ever had!

Liv Moe and Pom Pom lovin life

We'll be servin' Beer in Mason Jars cause it looks
so damn fine

Thanks to Phil for the feed!
Olivia, Becky, Liv, Sarah and I hung out
the other night and Tore the Shit out
of these Fresh Stone Crabs!!!

Sarah and Becky are babes.
I loved hanging out in the kitchen with the girls.
I felt like it was a pretty special night.

OLIVIA's new paintings look rad!

I keep chopping up colors.
Its fun

Milkshakes and ketchup are alright, too.
Jon and I had a really weird experience at
this place. Our waitress, if you could call her that
came straight out of the Hunter S. Thompson &
Ralph Steadman world.
Her face made me feel like I was on acid.
The way she moved, and spoke to us,
and then Danced....jesus- that and the
weird "bacon" had me feeling funny for the next 24 hours.

My most favorite girls and I attended the celebration
of Jose's birth last night. We stepped outside
the Pine Cove with our free popcorn and cigarettes.
That is a weird bar, and it was my first time in it.
wondering where their ADA wheelchair acessible entrance is....
surely they have an elevator next to the stairs ?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Prog Res on the new nest

Foggy January mornings from my P street bedroom window

Troy Mighty via Zack Pangborn studio visit

Love this shirt I got from (Miranda) BOWS.


Framing out the Gallery walls!

hanging lights for the new space!

Mushroom Cheesburger and the BEST fat fries from THE SHACK

Olivia and I have been wildly busy 
getting things in order for the 
new space.
Staying on top of construction plans,
Buying lighting,
picking out paint colors,
furniture shopping....
event planning,
permit researching,
creating job descriptions to hire employees,
new website design meetings,
mythlab release shows,
all while trying to keep Bows freshly stocked
with new goodies, host art openings, plan moving sales, 
and stay sane. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Elle Hey

YAY!! Dani, can you believe we made it?


like moths to a flame

This dude seriously posted up next to us at the Gold Room about 5 inches from my head for over an hour. Lurk much?

How is it that I didn't know that Matzo ball soup is just chicken 'n' dumplins

I guess it is not nice to take photos of people eating.

L.A. protesters at the golden globes. What the hell is going on? Who is upset? About what?

So far one of my favorite things about L.A. is that every coffee place has soy and agave. yes!

It is so sad that such a cute pom is subjected to such terrible footwear by his owner.

Classic L.A.

The Standard Hotel was the bomb. I never found out if this text stream was a Jenny Holzer exhibit or a knock off.

Hulk wallpaper in the Standard's Gym bathroom

Two Grand Bottle of Wine!

I'm working on growing out my bush.
Rooftop pool and spa on our final morning

Meghan I love you!!

Guess who flashed the camera?

These children were seriously spawned from the devil's balls. They were yelling and strangling each other the entire hour we were in line for the roller coaster.

Such a beautiful sunset. So many cars. Everywhere.

We went to LA