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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

San Francisco: No!

Our friends from Treats, Benji, Leah & Amber are opening the raddest lil shop in SF. They are still setting up, but it looks and feels really special. I love that they have plants everywhere. Tons of stellar vintage goodies, really reasonably priced. I wish them much luck!

389 Valencia


Rivering: Auburn, one more time.

Found a new river spot with Erin & Pommie in Auburn. One of the last summer days. It was kind of a harrowing trek down and really hot. Once we got down Pommie ran into the river and laid down. What a sweet day! I love this river. Big gorgeous pebbles in a river in a canyon. Love it! I am goint to miss summer sooooo much

Found a new river spot with Erin & Pommie in Auburn. One of the last summer days. I love this river. Big gorgeous pebbles in a river in a canyon. Love it! --olivia

Dang, the store is looking fine!

Bows & Arrows
1712 L street
Midtown Sacramento CA
11-7 everyday

the color of fun

Hi. My name is Trisha Jeanne Bernadette Rhomberg.

I like to paint with my fingers and real dirty brushes in my backyard.

I started three canvasses yesterday afternoon,

and two this morning before opening Bows.

Got a little drawing in with my buddy Paul Imagine.

We snuck into the old record shop room for a quickie.

Come draw with me! Come paint with me! Let's make some 

good looking stuff together that won't need its diaper changed.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Jams: Punks Eat Hot Wings

My much missed friend and fav artist Jay Howell surprised me on Friday night when he waltzed into Bows and Arrows as I was closing. He's got an awesome blog called Punks git Cut. We went and had a beer and hot wings with his buddy and Vonay-nay. Fun! Dani and Lindsay met us at my porch where we tore through some booze before walking down to Townhouse to see The Mayyors and !!!. Fun show. I keep forgetting to eat a proper meal before I go out and totally peeled off after the bands to rummage in my fridge. What a fun night!

Jay and I had a very preliminary talk about Bows and Arrows doing POP UP sales at the gallery Jay curates in San Francisco, 111 Minna. Fuck yeah! That's all I have to say about that. You San Franciscans want a bite outta our stock, for like a third of what you're used to paying? I know you do!!

Glam Bam Thank You Maam

Hold My Gold is killing it right now. This is what makes me love Vintage. It is so exciting to see the GOLD, the Hot Pink Suede, the OPEN BACK, the High Necks, the SEQUINS, the Black LACE, the Long Sleeves, the GLAM glam slinky, the Metallic, and the GEM STUDS. Although I am truly a summer babe, this is getting me rocking on FALL!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


We are hosting this PARTY TONIGHT!! Come in today and get ANY PAIR of sunglasses for ONLY $5. OPEN TIL 7PM

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Summer Never End: Rooftop Roaming

Fun things to do that don't cost a penny: Illegally roam the rooftops of our fair city. Pennings and I took a very late night tour and it was one of those late summer nights where it is balmy and warm with just a hint of a delta breeze and you are comfortable riding around all night. I know I am the ONLY one, but I never want summer to end. I just love everything about it. This night was so wonderful.

The Canoe Diaries: Rope Swing Tour 09

My buddy Patrick has a canoe that has been in every major and minor waterway in the North West. I'm not kidding. I have been eager to jump aboard! He and Debbie and I took a trip down the American River and stopped at every rope swing on the way down. Super fun. Does everywhere have rope swings or is that just a California thing? It is this rad, illegal, public service that who-knows-who puts up for stranger's fun. Love them!!