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Friday, October 30, 2009

Thursday Night Music: Two Sheds & Ross Hammond, Recap

Our Thursday Night Music show featuring Ross Hammond and Two Sheds was pretty sweet! It was chilly so we stayed inside and it felt really personal. I forgot how intimate it is to sit 5 feet away from someone playing music and singing. I loved it!
We have 25% off everything in the store on those nights too, and many a babes came a calling.

Wow, Ross Hammond plays some lovely shit. I was just lost in it.
He has this miracle suitcase full of buttons and toggle switches. Hey, I'm not a musician, so to me it was a magic box. Loved his live looping and guitar. Very dreamy.

Some people off the street came in, which is kinda the point of this whole experiment.

Paul Imagine has been coming every week and drawing. That's community.
Total Babe.

It is fun to see a couple play music together. You get that "sitting on the couch together" inside banter.

Caitlyn is pretty expressive with her little face. It is fun to watch her sing, she's so pretty.

All in all it was a dreamy sweet night at the shop. Loved every minute of it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Live Music Thursdays: Two Sheds & Ross Hammond

We are hosting Two Sheds and Ross Hammond this Thursday night from 6-9pm at the store. I love Two Sheds! I haven't heard Caitlyn's pretty voice in quite some time. I am excited about Ross too! Come down and hang out with us! If it is cold we will be indoors, otherwise we will be out on the sidewalk. Remember it is also 25% EVERYTHING in the store! All boots and sweaters and blazers, everything for Fall.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fashion: Stomp around! Fall jumpsuits!

Okay, so I know that I have said countless times that I am a summer girl and I am NOT looking forward to Fall, but . . . these Fall Jumpsuits make me feel all warm and snuggly inside!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Films: Dario Argento's Phenomena

Alexa and I went to see a screening of Dario Argento's Phenomena by Movies on a Big Screen last night at The Guild Theatre. It stars Jennifer Connelly when she was 14 or 15. She is really lovely and really placid during the entire movie. I loved the soundtrack, which included a Motorhead song.
Georgio Armani did the costumes and although I've never loved his look, I loved his take on the pale brunette horror movie protagonist in all white. She wore an oversized white blouse with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows unbuttoned at the top with a long white tie. The shirt was tucked into a high waisted white full skirt with a drop waist. She was wearing little white ankle socks with what appeared to be black jazz shoes. Super cute.
They think she is going crazy because she sleepwalks.
The headmistress was really sexy. Total 80's secretary vamp. Little fitted blouses with puff sleeves tucked into pencil skirts. Her hair is swept up and her make-up is toned down Robert Palmer girl style with big round gold earrings. She's a bitch! Super sexy.
One of the girls in the class is wearing the ultimate Bee Gees tee. This photo was taken with an iphone between frames so there are two of her. Creepy.
It finally got nice and gory at the end when Jennifer, that is then name of Jennifer Connelly's character, fell in a pool of dead bodies and writhed around a bit.

I really can't believe the ending. I won't spoil it all but I will say that a gruesome child attacks Jennifer and then she calls a swarm of flies to eat him. Um . . . truly madly Argento.

Here's a YouTube video with the Goblin song

Shows: Rose Melberg

I went to see Rose Melberg the other night at Luigi's and it was really sweet, of course it was. She has such sad, remarkable songs, they stick in my head. I love that she wears little white socks and chuck taylor's. I think she had a little cold.
It is fun seeing her in Sacramento because her mom always joins her for a song. Being a daughter in love with her mom, I appreciate this so much. Fun show. I missed Kellarissa's set. She came down here from Canada with Rose and accompanied her during most of her set. Becki said it was really gothy. I bought her cd, Flamingo, and have been playing it in the store. It is really gothy, in a really good way.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A midwest thang: Meet the Rhombergs.


I am at Home in St. Louis, Missouri. My sister, Melissa got married yesterday. It's kinda weird. I have lots of mixed feelings about it (catholic-weddings-my sisters)...but I'm ganna go with the "happy she is happy" one.

Friday night we all went into a church called Saint Ambrose for the rehearsal. Its located in the Italian area of St.Louis called "the Hill" where all the immigrants lived. Its was founded in 1903, built in the Lombard Romanesque style, St. Ambrose is said to be modeled on the historic San Ambrogio Church in Milan, Italy. I thought it was creepy. Melissa thought enough of it to get married there.

My pretty mom.

This was my favorite part of the night. My aunt Eileen found and framed a drawing Melissa did about a family vacation we took to Florida around 1990. Melissa's spelling was awesomely phonetic.

Saturday Morning. 6 AM. yep. six. Hair and makeup comes to your house and
does the bridal party up real nice for church.
Look how fun this is:

This is the church right after the wedding on Saturday morning. I left my camera in the trunk of the car during the ceremony.

This is the dude she chose. Joey. His best man called him the "smartest dumb guy" he knows.

Melissa on our deck before we go!!!!!

The Rhomberg Family + Joey.
Me, Kim, Jackie, Melissa, Joey, Mom and Dad.

Grandpa and Gramama Storto came from Chicago. (mom's parents)
Bride and Groom
Grandma Rhomberg and Harry (dad's mom and her husband)

AFTER leaving the Church, The Thing to Do in St.Louis is get on a big
ass Party Buss and Go take photos!!

My sister Kim and her husband Brad. They got married in June and are expecting the
first BABY in our family in April!!!!!!!!!! wooooo hoooo!!!

This is Betsey, hilarious bridesmaid #1.

Jackie, Melissa's Twin sister, Maid of Honor!

I overheard a tour guide say you can rent these things for three hours and
get a meal for $85.

The wedding party. getting crazy.

The party bus made a stop at TED DREWS!!!!!! A St. Louis must. (ice cream!)

Their concretes are so thick, they turn them upside down to show off before you get to eat it!

Back on the Party Bus and making our way to the Reception!

Mirrored Ceilings on the bus!!???!!

popping that champagne!!!!!

Reception at the Millennium Hotel

(Family Weddings aren't ALL fun...I'll tell you all about it when I get back)

Grandpa prolly saying something funny about picking the right guy.

Our cousin Christopher, always a Rhomberg party staple.

My mom made coloring books for all the kids at the reception, and she put one at my spot too!!
Thanks mom!!!!!!

This Girl!
Don't get me started! Stockpiling all the lil gift bags of candy, this pile got Huge by the end of the night.
Just before leaving the reception, she comes up to me and asks me if I want to BUY a bag for 25 cents OR a dollar!!!??? She was also selling bags she had made of gathered
(stolen) crystal little decoration gems on all the center pieces!!!!!! ahahahahahha!!!

My mom and her sister, Aunt Eileen!!!!!!

Oh my god. I love my dad's pose!

I will leave you with Ian.
Ian is Jackie's Husband.
He is also the man taking the blame for getting
Carl so drunk that he pissed into my suitcase
and left me with a very sleepless night.
All good catholics know how to forgive.