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Monday, March 1, 2010


Sarah and I took a trip to Bolinas last weekend.
It was gorgeous.
We were headed to a place where
the streets have no names, and
we needed to be led in.
We were met at a super cute
old, Muir Beach tavern called
Had a few bloody beers with
our hosts and hit the road.

never gets old. amazing.

After 20 minutes of Extreme Winding hwy 1
and dirt roads we arrived at
the home of Jason, Ben and Kelsey,
My good ol' Missouri buds.
Buddah welcomed us.

This is Jason's cabin.

Ben and Kelsey have their own seperate
cabin, and all 3 share the house
in between them.
Built from an old water tower,
the central building has a loft office overlooking
the lush greenery straight through to the ocean.
Downstairs has a living room, a Big open kitchen in
the middle, bathroom, laundry room,
and fucking cool sauna room that
ring around the tower.

the man that built this place was arrested for the nation's the biggest
Magic Mushroom bust in US history.
He made his $$$ from traveling with and supplying the grateful dead & fans with fancy fungi.
He got outta doin' time in San Quentin cuz he's boys with hot shot left-wing lawyer Tony Serra (who is also from Bolinas - oh - guess who else is from Bolinas....Harmony Korine.)
ok. His father was appointed by Truman to be
the governor of Guam and was appointed by JFK
to work for the CIA.
Unfortunately the Father Son Relationship was
ruined when Daddy disowned his
child for not going to fight in Vietnam.
I'm pretty happy he didn't go.

I love this open shower and huge JACUZZI....yea boiiiii!!!!
The widows are like 6 inches
above the ground.
I've always wanted to stare out the window
when I'm in the bath....
maybe wink at a deer nibblin' on grass...
or the raccoons tearin' shit up
in the compost pile...
for real.

This is Ben.
I love him and his
different colored eyes.
Met him in 1999!
represent Cape Girardeau.
He came to visit Jason and I about 7 years ago, in
March 2003 we took a trip to
San Francisco. There were antiwar
protests allover. People
trying to block the Bay Bridge
getting crazy in the streets.
and he knew his new
home was california.
I was really happy to see them
again, it had been Too Long!!

These are rad handmade pieces by Kelsey.

the six of us set out on a stroll
down the hill to town
there was a mardi gras parade and party
we wanted to see.

Bolinas is on the San Andreas Fault and sometimes shit happens.
Like roads fall into the ocean.
no biggie.

somebody likes obama.

my favorite

there's my zen of running homeboy
going for a moonlight beach run

That's me.
Yep, I tried surfing for the first time!
I got Rocked.
That thing we call the ocean, is no gentle giant.
Cold, but shaking not from the temperature.
I wanted to get up and ride so bad on my first day out,
but it was way too rough.
The first spot Jason took Sarah and I to was a
good indication that the water was
not prime for beginners.
Just trying to walk around the seawall to the beach
we ran in between swells to avoid the huge
crashing waves.
On our way out of that spot poor Sarah got DRENCHED
by a HUGE wave that came CRASHING over her head
and soaked her and our bag of towels and dry clothes...
i felt terrible, like it was my fault that uncomfortable
but very amusing thing happened to her.
I saw it in S L O W M O T I O N.
the wave was like this big stoned polar bear that
crept up behind her and crashed on her head and
smashed down her back.
sorry bout your iphone, girl.

i just loved this man's dancing style. He's a well mannered cowboy,
hands behind his back, bending those knees,
keeping in his own space as to not bump into the ladies who
might confuse him for a man trying to get fresh.

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