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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Motomatic Mopeds moves to the ghetto!

So a cranky old snatch in the alley decided to get code enforcemento up Motomatic's booty and they decided to jump ship and bail out to the GGG-eeehhhh-To where no one will give a damn what they are up to.
It's in a secret location.
Rorie and I decided to go check it out.
Secret doorway.
Lots of space.
Love wood paneling.
There's an interesting homeless camp around the corner. Commies?

The broom for tidying up. I suppose those Commie Homeless folks like to keep a neat camp.

We were hunting for feral cats. Supposedly there are hundreds out here.
Sweet. I love a good neutering program!

There's one!! See it?
This was a junior high moment.
Navy skirt, black sandals, black oversized tee. Like we called before school and planned our outfits.
In an adjacent building there is an office area with glass blocks! Sexy!!
Rorie is going to work as a receptionist, as a joke, for free.
We ended the day with SUNDAYSSSSSSSS! Not me though, that much dairy is disgusting. Hahahahahaa

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