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Monday, September 20, 2010

Make Friends With Strangers: Portland OR

Richard, Trisha and I drove up to Portland to hang this show. It was rad.
We stayed in the Ace Hotel in Downtown Portland.
Such a sweet and simple little boutique hotel. Clean quirky nice.

We got Richard his vegan biscuits n gravy.

Alli's garden was boasting some mammoth zuchs just like mine.
The city of bridges.

Trisha and I were able to romp around town getting ideas for our new space.

cats everywhere.

I want this.

House of Vintage should be called MadHouse of Vintage.

Love this velvety Rust Red seventies sofa set.

We hung the show at The Albina Press on Friday night. I love the way all of our work looks together on the walls.

These are numbers seven and eight of over twenty Megadeth shirts I saw this day.

YUM. We waited for over an hour to order this gem.


This guy mixes cassette tapes.

His DJ name is Hostile Tapeover. Rad.

T.G. is my best friend's lil bro. We grew up together and took shots laughing madly about all the shit we got in trouble for in grade school.

Alli has a bunch of my work up in her house, including this one! I've missed her so.

Check out this bullshit. On the way back we went to Burger King and they had fucking PAIRINGS, to help you pick out the right soda for your burger. Hilarious. I wish I could have been in the marketing meeting when someone spit this out on the table for consideration.

I want more time in Portland to Eat, play in nature, shop, and eat some more. O-well, hopefully we will be back soon.


  1. I love that store in Portland. I always wish I could get furniture from there to my house.

    That BK pairings thing is insane

  2. That store is also where I get all my 70s girlie mags, such as the excellent Oui. No Playboys, though, Playboy has always sucked!