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Sunday, January 30, 2011


THE best crab I have ever had!

Liv Moe and Pom Pom lovin life

We'll be servin' Beer in Mason Jars cause it looks
so damn fine

Thanks to Phil for the feed!
Olivia, Becky, Liv, Sarah and I hung out
the other night and Tore the Shit out
of these Fresh Stone Crabs!!!

Sarah and Becky are babes.
I loved hanging out in the kitchen with the girls.
I felt like it was a pretty special night.

OLIVIA's new paintings look rad!

I keep chopping up colors.
Its fun

Milkshakes and ketchup are alright, too.
Jon and I had a really weird experience at
this place. Our waitress, if you could call her that
came straight out of the Hunter S. Thompson &
Ralph Steadman world.
Her face made me feel like I was on acid.
The way she moved, and spoke to us,
and then Danced....jesus- that and the
weird "bacon" had me feeling funny for the next 24 hours.

My most favorite girls and I attended the celebration
of Jose's birth last night. We stepped outside
the Pine Cove with our free popcorn and cigarettes.
That is a weird bar, and it was my first time in it.
wondering where their ADA wheelchair acessible entrance is....
surely they have an elevator next to the stairs ?

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  1. It blew my mind how much better stone crab is than dungeness crab. It punctured the Cali pride I have in our local crabs. I guess not EVERYTHING is better in Cali.