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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

If you do me, I'll do you reception

I have to say, I really love every piece in this show.  I feel like everyone made very thoughtful pieces.  Portraits are hard!  It is nice to see such varied works.  There are over 20 pieces in the show and the ones covered in glass were difficult to photograph.  REally try to come down and see the show!  It will be up until the 2nd week of August.  

Stefan Burnett's portrait of Sarah Barkawi
Mike Rafter's survellience portrait of Andy Morin
Liv Moe's portrait of Richard St.Ofle
Sarah Barkawi's portrait of Janine Mapurunga
Jose di Gregorio's portrait of Liv Moe

Jairus Tonel's portrait of Dani Kando-Kaiser on the left and Jessica Jones' portrait of Jairus Tonel on the right.

Dj Gourmet kept us happy all night long.  


  1. this is cool cuz I didn't really get to check out who had done all the art. I liked Alexa's portrait of Olivia a lot.

  2. very nice to see some photos and very sorry i was not able to be there! many cheers to all!!! Janine

  3. Visual artists -> sound destroyers

  4. Stefan's portrait is suprisingly understated considering his current edgy image as MC Ride.