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Monday, August 10, 2009

This is so sad to me

I guess I can't blame Max Azria for teaming up with Miley Cyrus and motherfucking Walmart to produce a fashion line.  The bottom has fallen out of the high-end fashion market and Cyrus just won a million new teen choice awards last night.  As a shopkeeper I can attest to the fact that teens spend a lot of money on clothing, and I guess I can't blame him for wanting a piece of that.  It just seems really sad to me.  It reminds me of when Indie bands first started signing with major labels.  I don't know why the designers bringing lines to Target don't bother me like this.  I suppose it is the actual collection.  It looks like last year's forever 21 sale items.  Weak.  I can't believe Max Azria with his love of soft palettes and draping would put his name on this shit.  It seems like true "sellout".  


  1. agreed. look at Prada and Fendi... you can buy them at Cost-Co.

  2. At least with indie bands that sell their music for commerical rights, we're talking about artists who are using that money to buy better instruments, get into better studios to record, and improve what is, in most cases, fairly lower-middle class lifestyles.

    In the case of high-end designers selling out, it's so revolting. It's all about keeping their investors happy and turning a bigger and bigger profit.

    Mucia Prada started out as a communist, right? And now Prada sells at Costco? That really is sad.

  3. The record industry is awful. Selling out doesn't mean better anything! When you make a record and tour you become in debt to your label and you have to pay those costs back with record sales. Many mainstream artists have come out of the industry with nothing and it isn't because they spent all of their money.

    Sometimes when you see designer stuff in odd places, it is because the designer, like Calvin Klein, has lost ownership of the company. They may still direct it creatively, but they lose out on the decision making side of things. They basically become their own employee.

    This Hannah Montana thing is nothing like that though, at least Target trys!!!

  4. last chance cash grab for fashion elite before the trade deficit puts wal-mart sweatshop outta business, which is good for B&E business in the long run.

  5. I know it is sooooo gross when poor people try to look cute!