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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lovin my girls!

I never get corny photos with my girls, but this one is so cute.  We spent my favorite part of the night pre-partying in my kitchen, drinking filthy dirty martinis and then . . . sparks, left over from camping.  Sparks is like Polaroid film, I keep hearing that it is being discontinued and so when I see it I feel like I HAVE to buy it.  Marketing schemes.  How do I get people to think that vintage clothing won't be available in a month and they have to buy it all up now?

Anyhoo, Dani is wearing this button up deep Navy romper that she got in Bows & Arrows last month.  It looks so cute on her and she wore it with this magical geometric beaded belt.  

I am wearing this experiment that I am really into.  I took a big oversized Jumpsuit with wide leg Palazzo pants and a boring short sleeve high neck top and cut it way down to tank top with deep scoop neck, a little too deep, that is my bra showing, and tapered legs.  I kept the crotch low and comfy.  We have like 12 of those big jumpsuits at the shop and they have Awesome Patterns, but not much hanger appeal.  Should I make more???  

Trisha is wearing a white silky tank with cut out embroidery on top.  Love these.  We have a bunch of cute flowy, silky vintage tanks at the shop for about $8 each.  People don't seem to know how to wear them, but it is this simple, with cut off denim short shorts, a big leather belt and cute high heeled sandals.  

Siobahn can kind of "do no wrong" she's so cute.  This little cotton cinch dress looked really good from behind.  Just the right length.  And she's wearing these amazing lace up super high heeled leather sandals in bright CORAL.  It looks just like real coral in the freaking ocean.  Best color ever.

We went to FUCK Saturday night at The Townhouse.  Fun night out!  Now I am fixated on the STATE FAIR!!  


  1. SO FUN! I want to play tooooo! Everyone looks bootiful too.

  2. You already know I want one of your jumpers. Yours was adorable!!!