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Friday, May 7, 2010

Mazatlan! safe passage

We arrived safely in Mazatlan and took a taxi to Elena's house in the old part of town. Elena is a friend of Becky's mom, and we were renting rooms from her for a ridiculously low price. She lives right on the ocean in the old part of town, safely away from the party central senior frogs part of town.

There was a large open to the sky courtyard in the middle of her home. It was inhabited by a number of scrappy cats. All the cats in Mazatlan seemed pretty tough.

This is the beach right outside our front door.

Local lore says that the domed building was a mansion built by a drug lord who was assassinated before he could complete it, and now family members squat there.

This is Elena and her dog Chewy.
Becky and Dani and I each got our own room, with a balcony and a ceiling fan. Gorgeous!! The air was warm and balmy with a slight breeze. Perfect. My hang nails and dry scalp disappeared within the first 10 hours, swear to god.
Turns out Trisha, Lacadia, and Sarah's hotel was literally around the corner from us. Serendipity. We would go to eachother's sidewalk and just holla up.
Pretty nice graffiti

Becky took us to a bullfighter bar.

This book was next to the pooper in our house.

You know I love me some gorgeous tile. All over, man.
This is the first post about this trip. We've been so busy since we got back we have barely had time to think, let alone go through all our millions of photos. Such a fun trip. I can't wait to go back.

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