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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Kind of the best time I've ever had.
Or that I can ever remember having right now.
I guess I say that all the time.
I guess that means
life is good.


Hummel and Julie picked me up at 9:30am on Friday and we headed down. Stopped in San Juan Batista and promptly saw this:
It wasn't the best Thrift store I have ever seen, but it made me happy that although the three of us were starving and had to pee we chose to hit the thrift store first.

Then we got burgers!!!

That first night was fun. So much fun. My family has a little trailer on the property above the river. I went outside to look at the stars at one point and heard "SKEET SKEET SKEET", peered in the windows and saw a complete dance party happening in there.

This kitty is named Kissy, and she's deaf. Pretty accommodating lil kitty.

Becky made us all blueberry pancakes!!!

Sometimes I think about the male role models that Luke is being exposed to.


Look at that filthy mutt posted up in my clothes. He had so much fun! On the last day he swam across the river by himself THREE times.

Tomatoes from Hummel's garden, cucumber from my garden and basil from Jane's garden. Yum.

Hummel made us waffles for breakfast on Sunday, and then grilled cheese in the waffle iron that night.

God, Kim Kardashian's ass is getting bigger!

People were sitting in these innertubes all day and then Trisha's tiny ass just fell right through.

Then she shot Julie in the leg with the BB gun.

For Realz.

Prey. Pommie has never looked like such a Condor snack before. I kept picturing seeing him overhead clutched in the talons of a huge bird.

Rafter and I stayed an extra night and we found all these old maps.

Then I made a bizarre leftover salad of celery, tahini sauce, sprouts, celery salt and red onion. Pretty good.

I later found Pommie writhing in the skin of this fish. Great.

I know the best people. Can't really wrap my arms around the love I have for all of them. I didn't squeeze everyone I love into this weekend, but damn near all of them.

Total beauty.
starry sky
warm sun


  1. THE best camping trip. Being able to combine friends, critters and animals so well.... pure magic.

    Love you so.


    P.S. I also think of Luc's male role models. Gotta start saving my money for catholic school or boot camp.

  2. Or maybe just a ton of psychotherapy. So fun! I have two throw away cameras I have to develop and then scan all those polaroids!!!! there will have to be another post.