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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Garage Sale: One Dolla Holla

We had our MASSIVE Garage Sale yesterday.
So insane. We moved almost 700 pieces. Sweet! I love the thought of all that stuff going to new homes to be loved, repaired, reconstructed and worn fresh.

We had a really good turn out!

It was like only really cute people knew about it.
That was not intentional, I told anyone and everyone about it, but damn, it was the most attractive Garage Sale crowd I have ever seen.

At 2pm we bagged up the rest and shipped it off with the St. Vincent de Paul peeps.
I love that thrift store, it used to be behind sunrise mall and now it's off Watt. Such nice folks. It's also the store where I got to see a woman steal a bunch of shit, run out and then have to come back in cuz she lost her keys in the store. Then she got arrested. Instant Karma.

Wow! Room to breathe!
That warehouse has been packed full of our extra crap since Motomatic left.

Now for chatting, feet kicked up, enjoying the crisp evening with a glass of Sangria.

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