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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bust a Move

We are so excited for the demolition to be finished...

So much is happening right now
I'm constantly making lists
and charts trying to visually
organize my thoughts
in hopes to get things accomplished.
With the new space comes new jobs.
Olivia, and I are going to have some new
responsibilities that we are so excited about learning
with the major muscle from Jesse, Richard, Clay, Nathan, Sean.

We were paused for a minute waiting for the plans
to make it through the last approvals,
now that that has happened
the flow is on Full Force.
Rushing River-style
Thank god I'm a grand champion swimmer.
(but, mom, sometimes I get scared)
New furniture, vinyl, album art, interior design, lighting
reclaimed wood bar top, mason jars,
chef confirmation, beer for taps,
record label, hiring people, new website, online stores,
shipping, popsciles, photoshoots, geodes
cheese pairings, soft openings, master fabricators
terrariums, event calendars.....oh boy.

Happily squeezing my girls nights in!!!

Yesterday I was so so excited to Paint for the
first time in my Verge Studio.
It was so fun to get dirty and listen
to Jose Luis Di Gregorio and
Nathan Cordero talk shit.
I think I'm ganna love this place
even if its freezing right now

I told you already, aint afraid to say it again:

only 17 days left to meet our goal!

ALSO, check out this show:

Verge @ Axis
Join us on Thursday, December 9 from 6-8pm for the opening reception of Verge @ Axis a show featuring the work of all our current Verge resident artists.

This exhibition will be a sampling of what our talented Verge studio residents have to offer including work by:

Jose Luis di Gregorio, Gioia Fonda, Ianna Frisby, Aleksander Bohnak, Interval Press, Jeff Musser, Erwo, Scott Soriano, Sheung Hei, Hongsun Yoon, Youngsuk Suh, Yelena Martynovskaya, Roma Devanbu, Troy Mighty, Andrew Patterson-Tutschka, Tricia Talle, Nathan Cordero, John Sanchez, Lisa Marasso, Patrick Marasso, Liv Moe, and Trisha Jeanne Rhomberg.

Verge would like to thank the members of the Axis collective for inviting us to show in their space. THANK YOU!

other random diary images:

Mom came to SF for a conference,
I stayed the night with her in a nice hotel with this rad view!

Did a photoshoot with Liz Mahoney's hand crocheted hooded capes
and Liz Liles striking poses, More to come...

Olivia and I are making some agate adornment!

ate some meatballs at pronto with J-Byrd

watching Jon make gems like this!

my long wool watercolor house skirt makes me happy.

this weekend:

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