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Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Collective Bellow

Last Night's Show was Amazing!
So Many people came out!
This place was packed with Art Lovers and Music Fans.

We had Live Music by:

(first time as a full band!!!
Jesse Phillips, Teddy Briggs, Joshua Ahlansberg, Kevin Dockter)

and Art Works by:

James Angello

Amanda Cook

Trent Liddicoat

Gabriel Nokes

We sold six pieces opening night!
The show will be up until Jan. 5th, come check it out.

Teddy Briggs

Joshua Ahlansberg

Juicy Gossip
Richard and Sarah!
Thanks for Helping me out Last night
Poor Olivia was home sick and my best
Homies came to help me hold down the fort!

Liz Liles

Liz and Michael

M. Lee White

Matthew Maxwell

Kevin Dockter

ORSON (hates me)

K.P. Corcoran in da house

Trent Liddicoat

Woman Year



Michael Leahy and Garrett Pierce

stout in da house

key toss

this is what vitos looks likes when you are
staring drunk at the door
waiting for your pizza to walk out to you.

Amanda Cook!

Jesse Vasquez and Sophia Hui

Jesse Phillips = Ellie Fortune

Jon Bafus

James Angello

Cool Dudes

Ellie Fortune

I see Teddy, Trent, Matt, and hand hovering over a shoulder

Carson and Jon at the Hub

Michael and Genaro

Gabriel Nokes

Thank you all for coming!!!
I hope you were as inspired as I was.


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