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Sunday, February 13, 2011


Extremely pleased with
this record that finally arrived
par avion

still feel like a capricorn

Happy Day Spa Finally
Sunday after Oh Dang
me, olivia and siobhan
got Rubbed Down
checked out this market....
How was that sandwich, vonnie?

It had been almost a full week without pizza,
but Olivia saved me.
We met at Zelda's and shared a personal
secret-employee's special
Un. fucking. real.

Big ol Dressing Rooms built into the

Finally Checked out
Breakfast at Lucky Cafe.
not bad.

I wore this jumpsuit like four days in a row
last week.

Midtown Business Assoc. MIXER
to think about how i feel at
functions like these.

I want this for myself and
everyone who works at
the new bows.

My dad always eats oatmeal.
I always said I hated oatmeal.
until i turned 30.
its just nice to add something to
the mix.
toast is toast is plain as fuck.

Had a major sale.
Having it again THIS SATURDAY.
FEB. 19, 2011.
50% off all clothing
(or maybe the entire store?)

Midtown Monthly gave us
super sweet shoutout
for the current and final art show
at our L street location!

Flyer for the show featured art by Melissa Arendt

Here is a little peek at what's on the walls this month:

There are over 20 artists in this show!
I sold Three pieces opening night
and one more today...!

A beautiful Linocut by Melinda Arendt
( yes, they are Twins.
yes, they are the hot blond ones)

Mr. St. Ofle

Daniel Trudeau has a sound piece
in the Show this month at Bows.

James Angello

Jairus Tonel

Troy Mighty

Richard St. Ofle next to Nathan Cordero
looking good.

The Paul Imagine.

Jose Di Gregorio

Juniper and Trent

For Real time.

Old Soul Breakfast Sandwiches are killer.
I like mine with bacon over ham,
and No onions.
the god damn gauc spread has enough

I like to draw figures.
Olivia and I saw a great show on the 7th
at the HUB!!
heard there is a video of it floating around
that world wide web....

These are my kness.
That sometimes remind me of boobs.

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