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Monday, February 7, 2011

new bows update! Fat Face

So we are partnering with FAT FACE for the new cafe at bows. We really couldn't be more excited. These fine ladies are so sweet and upbeat and the FOOD! DANG! It is soo good. You should go check them out in Davis if you haven't already.

We sealed the deal a few months ago, but this week Coleen and Jaymes and I went all around town looking for the fundamentals.

We hit every Asian Market in South Sacramento.

The bowls are perfect for their amazing soup.

god damn I love these kiwi gummies.

Bahn Mi and fruit drinks at
Huong Lan

Then on to the restaurant supply superstores. Bio disposables!

Every one of these places as complimentary coffee. ha!

Whip its?

New sewing desk?

On to Ikea, menu boards maybe?

What a long day. When I got home I collapsed on the couch and was quickly covered in furry love.

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  1. I'm pretty excited to see this new place of yours at it's completion.