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Sunday, March 13, 2011




SHE KNOWS how to party.
I like her style.
She wanted to take a trip to Port Costa
to stay in this haunted brothel hotel that was built
in the 1890s.
The town has like 2 buildings in it:
The burlington hotel and the restaurant/bar, literally 10 steps
across the street
that boasts a beer list of like 500 bottles from around the world.

(they will also sell you $11 vodka redbulls)

Feel Free to SKIP the
$14 iceberg salad bar with soup
that the restaurant had on its huge 5 item menu.

Next time I'll be Down to Snack off
the Bar Menu, maybe grilled ham n cheese
if I'm starving.


here are some photos.

this is the way I share.

The time of day we arrived was perfect.
The lighting inside and out was soft.
The air was cool and gentle.
I felt relaxed and welcome, but also
nervous and wildly curious to run into every
hallway, peek into every bolted door crack,
feel sharp temperature drops,
hear whispers...
I was so ready to soak it all up.

Old hanging lights in the worn wood bar
and the
sun setting across the water provided
a "glad you are here" glow...

We checked in at the bar across the street
and then wandered all around the mansion brothel
looking for stories and locked rooms
and secrets to get into...
so much to see, but there's also
500 beers summoning me.
Calling me into a bar
with wild dead
animals, skin and brain cells...

I can also warn you of the "fuckin-A"
Russian NO FEAR whore who
will entertain your men right in front
of you. Watching her work was awesome.
She must have learned somewhere down
that long-ass road she's been on
that guys like to be told they are "Trouble",
and want women who think
they are B A D....

She tried her hardest to make Josh
dance like John Travolta carrying a red can of paint.

I could also get really into how
she was dressed and the way she moved
and how much I Hate Fried Chicken,
but we'll save that for later so we
can stay focused on this trip you
are dying to take.....

Saturday morning after our 11 am check out
we hit up a breakfast joint
and antique store in Martinez.

I got the $4 breakfast special #4. from
Victoria's cafe,
and the August 1965 playboy for $3.

Jesse: Chicken Fried Steak.

Reuben for Mandee
a scramble for kandis

my english muffin was the PERFECT breakfast sandwich


I've been dying to go here.

BEST 24 hour trip there is!


  1. Port Costa rules so much! If you spend Saturday night there, they have some funny all-you can-eat on Sunday morning - basically to get rid of all the side dishes from the weekend menu. So you buy a drink & eat soup & salad & bread & baked potatoes etc free. And they usually have a BBQ going as well. Bikers, bay area yups, old hippies etc all roll in & make for a super mellow Sunday.


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  3. I was just trying to say that I'm down for a round two when you guys get back from Belgium!

  4. i sure did. he's the quiet freak. and i love it. i mean, look at the dark mysterious figure! ahhahah