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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Still Love Clothes

its been awhile since i took some
photos of babes in killer clothes.
last time was a few months ago
when i shot liz liles
for liz donner's hand made capes

Wald Wolken

i shot a few of my favorite things today:

Electric Blue Spandex Disco pants!

(yea, these are the originals that
american apparel ripped a year or so ago, and is
probably still mass? producing)

chopped stripe tank, 1968 plaid BELLS,
tiger's eye handmade necklace

Cruisin' Walmart !??!!! tee.

maybe american apparel can rip this next.

1969 Embroidered Mushroom spring knit

Sheer Lace full length skirt

1963 LEVIS big E women's stapress pants

Sheer Tiered Ruffle Crop

70's Batik top and 70's raindrop pendant necklace

The Coolest Evergreen cocoon

These gems and tons more are hitting our esty shop
this month!

oh yea,
and i've been eating beets:

1 comment:

  1. wow I never knew AA straight ripped off another company's disco these blue ones!! I have them in gold :D