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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Home came here

My Birthday Weekend.

I had the best birthday weekend. My mom and dad came from St. Louis, Missouri to be with me. Paul Imagine, Amy Greer and I had an art show at Body Tribe. So many of my friends came to celebrate with me and I feel like the luckiest girl ever.

Thursday January 7 after work, the show was hung. Paul and Amy- I love that they have the spirit of children. I on the other hand, tend to freak the fuck out and get all anxious and nervous. Olivia came to my rescue and helped me hang ever single one of my pieces!!! We walked over to Kasbah and had a few beers and a good chat to end the night.
I love you, Olivia!!!

Friday January 8 was my 29th birthday. I woke up with a stiff neck, tried to get my workout on, but did not have the champion session I was longing for. Picked up Mom and Dad from the airport and they checked into their hotel on 15th and L. While they were putting their bags down I did a lap around the Bar at the hotel. I was impressed. Big comfy cute couches, Plenty of seating, Tons of big windows along L street looking out at the capitol park. I was thinking after our dinner at Bandera we could have a few drinks with my friends at the hotel bar. I did not know that the boys and girls club had my favorite spots reserved from 7-10pm, so we ended up in the lobby, which was fine...had beer and wine and a few laughs. Olivia was cracking us up with terrifying stories of nasty encounters with some midtown crazies. Who could have asked for more! I was so excited for my parents to meet my favorite people. Erica, Olivia, Sarah, Eli, Carl, Clay and Lexi came baring gifts for the birthday girl!!!!!! So sweet!

Saturday January 9 was show day. I was excited for my parents to experience a Second Saturday in midtown. I was nervous and anxious and feeling grey all day. Got dressed in some ankle length Stevie Nicks lace dress and went to the show. I was happy it was almost over, starting to relax as I saw friends pour in the front door!!! It meant so much to me to see you there, THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO much for coming. I was also super excited to buy Amy's Amazing huge painting, I had seen it on her birthday, and feel in Love, I was so happy it was for sale!!! To make the night even better, I sold a few pieces. So what if they were to Carl's mom, and Clay, Lexi and Sarah!!!!!! ahahhaha. I love that they thought so much of the work. I left the show feeling pretty happy!

We headed to our go-to dive, the Roundcorner!
Hell yes.
Love that place.
Surrounded by best friends, drinks and music- Heaven.
Sweet ass Beautiful Sarah B. made me mini cupcakes and happy birthday was sung by all.

Sunday Brunch was hosted by Miss S.B. and Eli at their super cute place in east sac.
We had bloody mary's, fancy mimosas, The Best homemade guacamole, potatoes, fruit, muffins, (Dad's was Blown Away by the smoked gouda!??). We played Apples to Apples, it was my first time..So fun, except that Jesse won every god damn hand. I hate not winning. We moved the party to the backyard and played Mafia which was also a superfun game. I love games. I love my friends and my Mom and Dad and had the best weekend!!

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  1. THe body Tribe show opening night, on 1.9.10 was the moment Bowscollective was born. Inside the space with Trisha telling Jose that we needed a new space. This was also the night that Trisha and Jon were not supose to have met yet. Both Jason and Carl came to the opening at bows. It was also the night some guy had the balls to say- " I don't Get it" about my art. and that has gotten me to today.