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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Second Saturday 1.9.10 & some random shit

Second Saturday was fun!
Trisha had her show at Body Tribe which was awesome and we had Afternoon Brother & Babs Johnson Gang play at the store.
Afternoon Brother

Found this vest for Rafter while thrifting in Placerville and he won't take it off.

I think Jenn appears in nearly every post. So damn cute.

Babs Johnson Gang. Love a drummer/singer

Trisha's pink wall. Want one!

It was a fun night with buddies and art and music. Who could ask for more?

Something disturbing is happening in the moped shop.

Penning made me dinner.

Ok, I have seen this graffiti in The Round Corner women's bathroom for YEARS. The stick figure guys is just so freaking happy! It makes me laugh every time I go in there.

Just me & my pom


Russel got a stripper for his birthday. Wow.

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