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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Giant Squid

SOOO heavy.

look how huge these are!!

no pens! had to write the campsite number
in marinara sauce and the date and dollar amount
in mascara!! ahahhahaa!

Thursday I went to Monterey.
Had a few beers and smores by a campfire,
used my new wagon as a tent, set the alarm for
5 AM.
Woke up in the dark and headed to the dock.
Got on a boat with 12 dirty men and one nice old lady with the
tiniest band-aid wrapped around the nose-piece of her 1986 glasses
and set out sea.
(she sucked because she kept trying to make
conversation about how to cook what we caught, and
i was like, " I DONT COOK". quit trying
to talk about shit i dont give a fuck about.)

We went hunting Giants.
FUCKING HUGE ASS SQUID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So so so fun!
We left the dock at 6 am, rode out 35 minutes, put HUGE 11 inch SPIKED sinkers
on our line and dropped them in. The captain yelled out what depth they were at, and
we let the lines drop for what felt like hours.
The first squid were hitting at like 450 feet deep.
They were all over our shit.
It took for E V E R to reel these things up to the surface.
I thought I was strong and tough and would totally impresses these old men with my stamina reeling....But after working my first squid to the top of the water, I needed a BREAK... when you get your squid up to the surface you are supose to yell out " C O L O R !!!! " and a deck hand with a long wooden pole with a HUGE hook on the end of it runs over to help get the Giant on the Boat.
When the guy next to me got the first squid on the boat, it was SQUIRTING Gallons of INK ALL OVER the deck, the ink drenched me and i squealed like a fucking excited pig. It was SOOO fun, the scream you let out at the top of a rollercoaster, like fun, excited, a little scared,,, but LOVIN it!!!
this was amazing.
We all must have brought in atleast 80 GIANT SQUID.
Then we got some Crabs, did a little Sand Dabb fishin' and called it a day at 2 pm.
I was passing out on the boat while a few of the fishermen were going after the little dabs. A waste of time if you asked me. We just pulled up 40 pound squid, what the hell would I want with some 6 inch tiny little fucking fish?
No thanks.

Too tired to drive home, we decided to get a hotel and scrub the squid ink off.
Woke up Early Today and went for an hour long run on the beach!!
A M A Z I N G. so beautiful.
i feel so refreshed and lucky.
good god california is fucking gorgeous.
Calamari Steaks and Crab Feed next weekend!!!
i am SO happy i am here.

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  1. no foam seals pulled behind the boat? no breaching sharks? no thanks. lame.