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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Catch Up

I made a few new spring tops.
I'm into the : I-can-wear-it-as-a-dress,-but-I-should-
Really easy to wear with tights, leggings, bandage skirts,
leather shorts, denim shorts, tightassskinny jeans,
over bikinis
in mexico...
basically no reason you should not be wearing one right now,
I have even slept in these damn things.
I put some of my recent home drawings on a few.
As for right now, you can get them ONLY in our etsy store,
or walk into Bows when I'm working and ask to try one on.
I love these shapes so much that for Four days straight I wore one of the white tanks.
That is saying a lot for someone who wears 96% of her wardrobe once.

In other news: I bought a car.

it was a tough decision.
I wanted Room to bring home a piece of furniture from
the flea market or transport Large Canvases.
I wanted leather.
The smart Trisha said gas mileage and affordable maintenance meant
no Audi quattro, go with a Honda CRV,
but the it-looks-good-so-I-want-it-Trisha said
yes please to the sexy lil wagon.
Its fun to drive, but I worry about people
doing human pyramids on the hood while I sleep.

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