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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Smoke and Sassafrass


I came across a beautiful place the other night.
I was blown away.
I felt so happy, and I want
to share with you.
We have this great lady to thank:

Tiana Barnard.

I asked her a few questions the other day:

Trisha: " you scan them, or find them. the images i am So in love . i was on your site for Hours last night. can i write about it on our bows and arrows blog?

what is your inspiration?
how long have you had it?
when do you spend time finding images?
do you have a job? "

Tiana: "Sure!

Well, let's see here...

I constantly lurk flickr/fffound/weheartit and others I find from random blogs. I also look for random old books in thrift stores and bookshops and scan images also. I just found an amazing book: "The Goodfellow Catalog of Wonderful things: Traditional and Contemporary Crafts" from the 70's with amazing images of artists and their handmade goods. I haven't scanned any of the images from the book yet, but I plan to.

I usually spend time in the morning (if i have it), and often at night before I go to bed. If I find a photo from another's blog I always put a click-through link...or a link underneath the picture with the source if it's known.
And I do work at a brewery in midtown and do yoga in the evenings.

I actually have collected images for a while but never really had a good platform to display them until I started a tumblr last November.

The things that inspire me are people living conscious lives, beautiful things in nature (mountains, desert, ocean), ornate interiors and architecture, handmade goods, ostentations and decorative clothing, Native American culture, Indian / Yogic culture (Ashtanga), Baba Ram Das, vibrant color, earth tones, psychedelic patterns, the cosmos and all the galaxies and worlds that have yet to be discovered, Buddhism, meditation, visions, general spirituality and the connections human's have and maintain with the earth and the divine...
Images that I connect to any of those things are the ones that I find myself most drawn to.


Thank you TIANA!!!! your collection of images makes all my days more beautiful.
Trisha Jeanne.


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