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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Abba Zabba

Lemme catch you up on my summer, mom.
It has been a fun one.
a wild one,
the kind you don't want to hear about
because you will worry about my safety.
But, as we know, I am the
Luckiest Girl in the whole wide world,
and amazing shit can't keep from me.
Here's my list:
1. New building is ours. Done deal.
A place for art. yes.
vintage +handmade clothes+local menu
of beer,wine,young fresh chefs,
fun art, maybe some music,
lotsa talented folk...
Went to the abc, filling out applications
to sell the shit out of some amazing beverages
at the new space.
My group is amazing.
The people here are the most special creatures.
Olivia, Jesse, Richard, Clay and Nathan...
This is going to get rich.

2. Party People. I'm pretending that I am 18 again, and
enjoying shitfaced summer nights at Old Tavern and my pool...
lets do it sommore. cold beers, vito's pizza, dudes in
my running shorts. love it.

3. I decided to not Feel.
My best friend, Erica moved away this week to
Brooklyn. Drove clear cross the country. Got there today.
I will visit her in Fall. and we will still be best friends.
the end.
Her goodbye party in Oakland had me laughing tears.
Audio sex texts, um, black leather, red lipstick and Moustafa.

4. god damn Dani had to leave too, and again, I made the choice not
to feel. white wall. up.
We said goodbye to her at least 3 different partytimes.
See you July 31 CAMPING!!!

5. Been painting in the garage at Bows since Moped boys moved.
Its been wonderful to have space and feel motivated
and inspired.
Just this morning got myself a key to the Verge studio and
talked to Liv....another amazing genius who will help set
this place on fire.

People are really really letting me love.
Its wild to be reading Richard's book, No Wolf right now,
I feel awake like him, feeling everything good.
I could go on forever about all amazing
happening for me now,
but just look....

Trisha Jeanne.

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  1. awesome post. and congrats on new building. you'll shine.