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Friday, July 16, 2010

Arroyo Seco I love you!

living the dream
I'm planning a camping trip down her at the end of the month. It is our private family property so it will be a zero impact trip. Haul in Haul out. There is so much space to play. And it is totally private, so you can run around naked if you want to.

There's this sort of treacherous hill you have to climb up to get back to the mobile home.

That's my Uncle Carl, he was a fisherman, lived in Watsonville, a bachelor, loved his record player and smoked a pipe. He was always going to Argentina to fish. He would try to teach me Portuguese as a kid. He was wonderful. This is my favorite photo of him, awkwardly holding a baby, with an Over The Hill banner hovering above his head. Everything about him is saying, I'm tolerating this, but just barely.
This is a pencil drawing my Mom did of my Grandpa. Such a sweet man, he always had freedent gum in his pick-up.
This is a photo of my Nana Viola. She looked just like this the entire time I was alive.

There are some cats around, but this one was super friendly, and I think, deaf.

This nice man, Gilbert runs the property, he keeps everything so tidy. He has a giant orchard and sells his fruit at market.

Rural areas are so addicted to Direct Tv, I would be too.

So beautiful.
There's just one general store. You can buy a frozen cow, dolls, beer,
floaties, and some antiques.

This gentleman, a self described archaeologist and local historian, posts up out front and tells you about how he has been bitten 13 times by rattlesnakes. Okay.
The drive home.
always gets.

a little weird.

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