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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Casa de WTFruta

march march march

Turns out it really IS a magical wonderland!

God, I love me a picture cut out to plunge your head through.

It's not all fruit either! There's Casa de Wine! Casa de Ferris Wheel, Casa de Nuts and Candy!

Man, people are Large these days. It's cool. But sometimes it kind of blows me away. Americans are big people.

Rorie got some fudge for her Mom and this guy packaging it up for her had a total boner for her. It was cute.

There was so much fresh fruit and fun at this place. I am seriously pissed that my parents never stopped. I mean, I get it, tired, long weekend, long drive, but come ON! I will never pass by again.


  1. Bwahahaha! The pic of you and Rorie jumping. So good.

    We used to always stop there on the way to Great America. I think there are faster ways to get from Sac to there, but my mom was a HUGE fan of that place (and the Nut Tree, back when they had the aviary and awesome restaurant). Maybe we can all stop there on our way back to Sac next month....?

  2. I just drove past it for the FIRST time taking a weird longcut home from Big Sur. We should have stopped.

  3. hahaha wow you two are turning into twins! please tell me your outfits were a coincidence!

  4. The Nut Tree, we BARELY ever stopped there. God, that place had the most awesome decor.

    On the way back to Sac at the end of the month we will have to caravan and stop at Casa de Fruta. Hilarious.

    Sio, I know right?? Well it was a river camping trip, wouldn't you be wearing cut-offs and a tank too????

  5. Arroyo Seco is a rad drive! It's Red Pony country.