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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Sarah & Siobhan

Wow, where do I begin? We had the best time. I love my girls so much.

Cupcakes & Cakes & Drinks

We haven't seen Hummel since Arroyo Seco. He showed up, four hours early, without notice, but who can complain? It was so great to have him!

Becky looked so gorgeous.
As usual I got vintage erotica for presents, very captivating.
Beers Books has a very reliable selection of old nudie photo books and magazines.

Dj Rorie! Honestly, the weirdest assortment of rap, classic rock, and early 90's pop treasures.

While shopping for Birthday presents I came across a Boris Vallejo fantasy erotic book that had Dani's name written all over it. Hilarious. All pegasus and foxy lady wrapped in an embrace.

Wow, that must be the best cupcake ever baked.

New wall collage!

My mama did this drawing of me. Love it. She is so innovative.

Three of my favorite people on the planet.

Ror looks like such a studio 54 starlet in my fur and jumpsuit. total babe.

So handsome. Fall Rafter is my favorite, scruffy with a flannel. yum.

What??? A D.T.F. pumkin?????

LOVE THESE GIRLS. Seriously, what would my life be without Trisha? Best friend, best business partner, like a sister to me. And Trisha brought me to Sarah, who now is one of my closest friends. We have so much in common. Life is so awesome.


What a beautiful night. It was so rad that Dani came up and we had our Mazatlan dream team back together. And it was such a fun house full of love and madness. Cool night stars and moon and warm wooden house full of the best people on earth. Life is good.

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  1. The best of times, seriously. Love you and all of my girls. P.S. PLEEEEEASE stop putting pictures of me looking like a tard on the interwebs, hahaha!