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Monday, October 4, 2010

OH DANG!! drops again 10.2.10

So the cage got trampled by ravers and went missing, but in its place we put a fucking radical menacing scull with deathray eyes and a cavernous mouth that spews smoke!!!


AQUIFER played downstairs before our beloved KDVS djs took over.

Um, Hailey was so fucking happy.
She had this look on her face all night. And it totally made my night.

Von-NAY NAY in the houseeeee

Power nap before I get down.

Sometimes Rafter does this Crypt Keeper thing that is truly terrifying.

Yeah you hot bitches

Kandis freakin killing it

Anyone else see this lil DMX duo?

Rafter seems amused by this guy, but he was the ONLY one.

Calm down ladies

Vinnie, you had this look on your face in our last post. What are you thinking about???


My Rortown!!

well, I think this is a happy face.

These two showed up, performed acrobatics for the entire night, fucking thrilled. I'm serious. Alaric was flipping Lisa around like a couple of olympic figure skaters. You can tell by her outfit that she probably has a great fashion blog. Yep! See it here.

By All accounts this was the BEST OH DANG YET
I agree! It was so fun.
Thanks for coming out everyone. Love you!!!!!

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