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Saturday, October 2, 2010


Hey mom and dad, I know you are not reading my facebook posts,
so this is whats up.
I participated in a super cool show this weekend
at a friend's house.
Brittney Leigh Wagner, Tony Fauci and Sean Stout
opened up
their space for a ton of people
to share
their talents.
Music and Art.
Friends and Fun.
Shirley you hear me
talk about
some of these
all the time,
so I'll put some faces to names
so you can see
who I'm talking about next time....

This is Tony Fauci.
He is an artist.
He filled the walls with his rad illustrations,
this is his style:
and I dig it.

Tony and Kandis

He showed a delightful video.
easy on the eyes

This dude was prolly on
way too many drugs
to enjoy the show.
wait, sorry, you are a good
for attempting to partake...
you learned from this experience
i'm sure.

jesse phillips and amanda carroll
lovely singer and seamstress

This is Jon.
J O N short for J O N A T H A N
BAFUS pronoucned BAY FUS
do not fuck it up.
on this night he played with
Michael RJ Saalman
Carson McWhirter

I am happy that Michael is
living in Sacramento,
All I Think About Is
him sing.

You guys met Jesse.
Jesse Vasquez...he's the one that won
that damn game we played at Sarah's...
He has a photography show up
at Bows right now!

This is Robby.
Robby Moncrieff (Raleigh Moncrief)
he played beautifully
on those white things up there.
a very intimate performance
i think he's been spending time at
recording other local musicians
including Teddy...
I was pumped to witness his
new Appetite album being recorded
on my first ever visit to that sound playground.

Appetite CD Release show established. November 2nd at the Hub with Nice Nice (PDX.)

Mr. Briggs is Very excited to share this music with you!

You can also come See him

OCTOBER 16 at Bows and Arrows
sharing the night with Garrett Pierce
I can't wait!

Vinny and Tony

And of course, no party is a party
SO Glad Clay and Lexi made it to
the show.

He made some magick with Jon.
I'd like to see more of that, please.
We are lucky to have him
closer to home now!

This is Brittney stunned at this Random ass chick
outside of Vito's pizza last night
running her grimey ass greasy pizza fingers
through poor Shane's beard.
Brittney is the sweetest, super talented too!
She shared her drawings with us....I hope
you got a chance to see all the art on the walls,
just knock on her door if you need another peek.
I mean, Bang on the door.
get in there.

He's a video man.
A photo man.
He covered a wall in his polaroids for the show.
its his site.
all these videos i'm linking to,
i like the terroreyes style-upclose.


You Gotta Like These Kids.

trisha jeanne.

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