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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Prescription For a Healthy Art Scene

WRITTEN by Renny Pritikin.

I am a painter.
I am a small business owner.
I understand, like a clear math equation, the components needed to make
a living as
an artist.
One of the most important elements is living in a supportive community.

If you are an artist, and you don't Feel like your community supports you,
You NEED to do something about it.

Move to LA? Move to Portland? Move to NYC? ahahhaha.
NO. god.
That is not going to accomplish anything for most of us.
You'll only feel like a smaller fish, and probably spiral even further into
lonliness, confusion, hatred for all the dumbfucks that don't understand or
seem to give a fuck about what you are doing.

You stay and you make a difference.
Make Sacramento better.
We have so so so much talent right here. right now.
Its a small scene. but a good one. It needs to be bigger to
be self supporting.

The Prescription for a Healthy Art Scene helps you understand
what needs to be focused on outside you and your studio.

A year ago I read this and fell in love.
He did it.
Renny put the answers on paper.
As an artist who lives so much in a visual, physical world where
I primarily communicate what I want to say
through images and physical gestures,
I've struggled to find words to express how to take
art from a personal, private experience and expression
to one that can be felt and shared.

I decided to create an art show that involved local visual and audio artists
to collaborate on silk screening shirts .
I have been collage style printing on clothing for a long time.
I had my first experience making a living
as an artist when I started a small label
called Pretty Trashy in 2003.

This Prescription project will be the ultimate collage.
I love working with other artists.
The people are the live, essential elements that bring their own
talents, ideas, and energy into the work.
Like members of a band, each person adds necessary ingredients
to the art, ultimately making it more interesting and stronger.

(hopefully. i will not hang your shirt if i think
it looks like shit. knowing how to use the
tools and manipulate the materials in addition to basic
design intuition should be adequate for this project)

Each artist illustrates one of the 24 ( it was 23 ) phrases from the Prescription.
Those drawings are burned onto silk screens and we all get together
and have a printing party and make really amazing pieces of art (one of a kind hand printed shirts)
for the show at the new Bows and Arrows gallery.

People can buy the shirts and the money goes to the artists that made them. is helping support by adding a Prescription shop page to their custom t-shirt
printing website so that people who live outside of Sacramento can support our artists and spread awareness. Every fucking city needs a healthier art scene.
( I think is a good choice because they are based
in Midtown Sacramento at the URBAN HIVE. support local
everything as often as possible. )

There are really 30 artists involved.
We are printing together at the Verge this Sunday June 26 and Monday June 27

making the shirts that will be displayed in the show on Friday AUGUST 5, 2011

We will sell the shirts that are made at the shop, and teach people how to make their own, too.

I want people to get excited.
to get together.
to create together.
to inspire each other.
to support each other.
I think this is one fun way to do it.


Here is a list of who is participating in the show so far:
paul ramos
jared konopitski
steven sessler
jessica murietta
liz donner
judd hertlzer
olivia coelho
bri holmes
adam saake
clay nutting
richard st. ofle
vincent vargas
jairus tonel
jon bafus
daniel trudeau
melissa arendt
jose di gregorio
sarah barkawi
melinda arendt
matt hummel
addam reagan
mark badovinac
michael saalman
jocelyn jade noir
paul imagine
jesse vasquez
savannah macias
laura carter
nathan cordero
aaron winters

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