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Friday, June 24, 2011

What is this Prescription Show?


A T-shirt Show

come see some fun art,
have a beer on the patio.


Challenge your attention span and FUCKING READ the prescription.

and READ What this show has to do with it.

“We created our new space in part with
Renny Pritikin’s prescription in mind:
We wanted it to be a backyard-like
inspiration station
where people can come to relax,
have stimulating conversations and share ideas
about art,” said Rhomberg.
“The ‘Prescription’ show puts these ideas into motion
by sharing and enhancing the
vitality and diversity of the
art community in Sacramento.
By clearly outlining the facets
of a healthy art scene in a creative and
collaborative art project we are boldly stating
that the arts continue to develop, grow and expand.

The one off T-shirts displayed in the show offer the concrete ideal of
the 'Prescription' while opening the door for others to see the infinite
possibilities of all art communities.
By example we can create, support, encourage,
ask questions and help those participating and watching us
feel confident in Sacramento's ability to
support our current and future creative class."

"What is this Prescription show?"

Deeply: A big deal.

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