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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WE are OPEN at 1815 19th St !

We are Now OPEN at 1815  19th Street! 

Tuesday-Saturdays 11am-11pm

Lunch is available from 11am-3pm during the month 

of JUNE.

small plates, beer and wine are available from 11am-11pm.  

Dinner will begin in JULY with the next Art Opening on July 1!!!!!

we moved blogs as well...see the new website: 

that is where we will add photos from events, info about the food and bev. and talk lots of shit ....

TUNE IN.  The opening show with Hilary Pecis was amazing. I'm going to sell a bunch of it this second saturday!  You'll definately get free beer when you buy art from me. That's for sure. -Love, Trisha.

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