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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stay or Go?

this is a photo collage i made today about my
favorite moments of the weekend.

and this is a collage i just made of a
drawing i just did about an hour ago.
i have a good time.

i can't decide if
i want to keep using our old bows and arrows blog
to continue sharing personal
or put them on the new bowscollective blog
soo.... i'll just do both until i
make up my mind.

its father's day.
11pm. bored.
kinda sad.
miss my dad.
and whole family.

don't feel like seeing or talking to anyone.
so i'm staying in.
drawing naked on the floor in my glasses.
and blogging?

which, to me, just means posting photos
i've taken fairly recently
at fun music/friend/art gatherings.....

Neil Haydon at ORMF.
self portrait, i believe.

the drawing i did on my floor tonight.

Richard and Orson at the surprise Baby Shower
for Clay and Lexi at Sarah's.

first time seeing Zach Hill and Andy Morin
and going to an ORMF.

Veggie Enchiladas Sarah made for the Baby Shower.

Watched Jules / Sea of Bees play at Micheal Leahy's
house in Davis .

LEXI with child and man child, Clay

This is the moment at ORMF that Jesse realized that
he had been
the VICTIM of one of the best
Richard St. Ofle pranks yet.
So glad I got to witness this front row.

Sunset Last night in RENO.

The Ranch today at Dom's parents.

View from the top of a water tower I climbed up this afternoon.

Good use of an old window.

I went with Sarah to Reno and Carson city this weekend.
I loved visiting the animals and running down the creek trail with
a brother and sister pair of Basset hounds.
They are so funny to watch run-their tiny little legs
try to get going So fast....aww, man it is so cute.
little munchkins.

I have been foaming at the mouth thinking about thrifting.
This has been the Longest I have ever
gone...the driest, darkest shopping VOID in my life.

And I got like 80% of that cured.
Reno shopping makes me so happy.

Sitting by the rushing river at night was also really calming.
It was soothing to feel that summer is really here.
I guess I have been anxious.


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