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Monday, May 24, 2010

New Midtown Monthly ad!!

I just finished our new Midtown Monthly ad and I'm pretty stoked on it. The photo shoot with Siobhan modeling and Kristin Cofer taking photos has been so inspiring to me.
I've been eager to use some of the shots for our marketing shizzzzz.
I also plan to hang at this one in a million river spot a ton this summer.

Our last coupon was for 15% off, but I decided to up it to 25% off this time. I am curious about ads and how they work. Midtown Monthly has great rates so I never feel like it is a waste of money, but I want people to see the ad and come in and buy shit. The only way to tell if they see the ad is if they use the coupon.


  1. that is a match made in midtown heaven, you and my favorite sactown monthly. if they were a weekly, they'd then be my favorite that too.
    25% off is pretty cool of you too. i'm gonna cut my out, and bring it in.

  2. Really awesome adds!...if I wasn't in another country I would definitely be coming to check it out :)