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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let's talk about it: Cellulite

So, let's talk about cellulite. It's hereditary. Really skinny people and really athletic people can have it, really curvy people sometimes don't. I hate that I notice it on people, and am critical of it on me, but since we can't really help it, let loose with the short shorts, right?
I am always a little shocked and a lot impressed when I see someone, who clearly must know they have cellulite, rocking a short skirt or short shorts. I want to be like that! Well, truth be told, I want to not have any cellulite, but since I do, I want to not give a shit about it and just wear whatever I want to wear. That said, I do always notice it on people. There is a model I like, who is super tiny teeny tiny skinny and she wears shorts that are so short and tight they resemble high waist brief panties of your granny's. And there it is, right under her nearly exposed butt cheeks, . . . cellulite. My other friend has the body of a fly girl in heat. So fine. Super curvy, booty to die for. I've really never seen anything like it, and her legs are as smooth as porcelain. This babe don't exercise either. Not a lick of it.
What have we learned from all this. The usual:
Life is unfair. I still want to wear short denim cut offs.


  1. I would like to protest and say for real that you do not appear to have any cellulite. I would not say that if it wasn't true. But yeah, the short short style is cute and I wish I could rock it. I can still rock the fuck out of a caftan. They can never take that away from me. Also, a burqua. Hopefully they will come in style soon.

  2. Becky, shut the fuck up! I guess after a week in Mazatlan romping in the waves together everyday, we know eachother's bodies pretty well. You don't have any either!!!!
    Maybe what we've learned is again, the usual: we are way harder on ourselves than anyone else is.