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Monday, May 24, 2010

maybe next MBA board member right herrrr

Guess who got nominated to be on the board of the Midtown Business Association???? Me, that's who. I really do have a lot of respect for the MBA staff and current board members, but there is no one on there like me. I am a good representative of small business retail in Midtown. In my opinion small businesses like ours don't contribute financially to the community in the same way that the big bars and restaurants do, and the large property holders, like Regional Transit and Sutter, but we are the FLAVOR!! We are the working class underbelly of our town and we support the musicians, the arts, the designers, and struggle to make a living while doing so. I am hella frugal too, and sometimes I am surprised at how money gets spent. I wanna put my two cents in. Who knows if I will get voted in. The meetings are open to the public but only MBA members get to vote. I don't see many young people at the meetings, and by young I mean under 40. The big vote takes place Wednesday evening. Wanna come support me????? It is a goddamned three year term too, as if I don't have enough on my plate.

I'm just so honored to be nominated!! I want to make a difference in our city.

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