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Sunday, May 9, 2010


wooo hoooo. senior high school style.
Sarah, Lacadia and I went to Mexico with Becky, Dani and Olivia
and had the Best beach vacation.

(this is going to be just a shitload of pictures, ok?)

excited to be in the airport! we started
counting down 79 days before this moment..

did you know that the international terminal
at the sacramento airport is one room?
one room withOUT a bar??!!

yep, this babe was our flight.

FINALLY after like twelve too many layovers,
the three 0f us arrive in mazatlan!
Hair Blowin' wild in the taxi ride to the hotel.

(why does the text sometimes decide to
just underline itself?)

anyway, I decided to get a few good shots of
the taxi cab driver just incase we were
kidnapped and murdered, and my camera was found,
they could identify our cab driver
by his bad ass skull steering wheel accessory.

Lacadia enjoying the view from our balcony!!

Dani gettin' her playboy sexy on in our pool.

what a cute Face!!!

This is the lil Ferry we took to Stone Island for a full day.

the inside of my favorite place to eat in mazatlan.
-fun stuff to look at on the wall, including
a 1940s photo of the original owner of the restaurant
on his bike, arm in arm with his best friend
when they were 16....
-the son, who now owns the place was super friendly
-it has the Best Food. SMOKED MARLIN!!! YUM.

These waves were so fun!!!
so warm.
we played like happy mermaids
in the ocean every day.
Sarah is a fan of backflips and handstands,
I like trying to jump above the waves.
I didn't even mind getting smashed and
the slammed by them.
it was like a fun game, a lot less scary
then the surfing-take-one action in Bolinas.
I never knew the ocean could feel as good as it looks.

pizza place


MICHALADA! all day everyday. seriously.

gorgeous agave fields

German military truck that took us an hour away
to zipline....!!!

zip lining was SOOOO FUN!

again, from our balcony...
watching sunset Rollerbladers!!

yea, this salad doesn't look amazing.
but we were SO excited to have something but
melted cheese and tortilla.

Look how great Sarah feels!!

Tamale Making Time!!

I love you, Mazatlan.
thank you so much Becky for sharing your special places!
I'm going to have to go back every April!!

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  1. Dang looks like a fun trip! I miss the ocean...