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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


On April 19, 2010,

my sister, Kim had a Baby!!!!

Her name is Madison and she is the first

of the new generation.

I went home to see her last week....

I decided to bust out the side-knot on my Tshirt
and old jeans from highschool that
I wore to my parents 28 year wedding anniversary
dinner at a terrible "mexican" restaurant on
saturday night. the tie in my top was the coolest
thing going on at that dinner.

We went straight over to Jackie's house

and played Cranium.

Love it. blind Drawing? yes please.

Humming songs, charades, multiple choice trivia,

light thinking...yes! It's way better than playing fucking

trivial pursuit with Melissa and Joey who I swear sit around

everynight and quiz eachother, going through all the

answers in every version ever made.

(just kidding, kinda, Melissa, I know you are very very Smart)

I just hate playing games I don't Feel like a Champion in...

more baby....

This is Madison looking at my mom...checking Grandma out.

She's getting tired, and we are laughing at her.

God She is so cute!

This is the day we met....

and I held her as much as I could because I knew I did not have much time.

This is when I hate living two thousand miles away from my family.

While my mom went to Chicago for the weekend to work and visit her parents,

I went with my Dad to visit my sister Melissa in Kirksville, Mo.

We went fishing, played games, and I doodled at the kitchen table.

I can't think of too many things my Dad likes to do more than fish with his daughters.

I had a great time at home. I love seeing my family.
I can't wait to go back. See you this summer.

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