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Sunday, October 11, 2009


This is Alice Fr.

Alice Fr. threw a great party at Bows last night: Fashion show by BUSTED & MICHAEL LOPEZ, Hair by Deeda, Music by SHAUN SLAUGHTER, and the highlight was of course her beautiful black and white SCREAM photographs! The show will be up until November 12. Here are a few more fun shots from the pre and post parties!

My favorite new White leather pants.

See!! Look how much fun dress-up is!!!

Pennings took some great shots last night with my new camera!

My favorite outfit of the night.
I love this guy.

Good ol' Nick Miller is promoting his show next week:
Friday October 16 at Luigi's Fun Garden. Go!

Savannah had a birthday this week and continued the
celebration last night at her house full of amazing art, furniture and
Dancing Friends!! She's makes a mean Booty Jams playlist!
I'm ganna take a guess and say this drawing from the fridge is hers.  She is one of my favorite
local artists and is doing some upcoming collaborative work with pretty trashy, I can't wait!

(my guess was wrong, art by Jessica)

yep, she's got on a Snake Bolo!

Getting Down in the living room!

Troy. Damn.
Dead Western is playing at Bows this
Thursday, October 15th!   6-9pm.

God we Love Liz!!!!

(this one is by tsean)

Love, Trisha Jeanne.

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  1. i look completely shitfaced in that pic (i blame kris anaya)