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Friday, October 23, 2009

Thursday Night Music: Sea of Bees & Dead Western

The show last night was so sweet! Jules played some beautiful songs. God, I just die over her voice. Really never heard one like it. So scrumptious and passionate and still kitten soft.
Pommie came out to croon.

Then Troy Mighty, Dead Western, played some tunes. Sometimes if I close my eyes I get a completely different image in my head. His music is really dreamy and transportive. We just started doing this Thursday night bands thing so the turnout was mellow, but I loved it. There were about 12 people enjoying the music. Nice.

That's Gabe our new intern in the blue sweater. He is so Rad! We love him. He is doing all of our music bookings now. If you wanna play you can reach him on our bowsandarrows myspace or facebook pages
This is my second cousin, Chris! He just moved to town from Georgia to intern with his grandfather. He is going to learn how to tune pianos. Cool. What a cutie. After the show at Bows we all went to hang out on my porch. We have the best porch and Sacramento has the best Fall nights. Bright and clear and just a tiny bit crisp. Love you Sacramento.

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  1. Gabe is wonderful!!, i met him at Amoeba Records in S.F. all your photos look great Olivia!! shows!!!! clothes, and good stuff. i wish i had a car, i'd come out to visit you way more. love love!!!