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Friday, October 30, 2009

Thursday Night Music: Two Sheds & Ross Hammond, Recap

Our Thursday Night Music show featuring Ross Hammond and Two Sheds was pretty sweet! It was chilly so we stayed inside and it felt really personal. I forgot how intimate it is to sit 5 feet away from someone playing music and singing. I loved it!
We have 25% off everything in the store on those nights too, and many a babes came a calling.

Wow, Ross Hammond plays some lovely shit. I was just lost in it.
He has this miracle suitcase full of buttons and toggle switches. Hey, I'm not a musician, so to me it was a magic box. Loved his live looping and guitar. Very dreamy.

Some people off the street came in, which is kinda the point of this whole experiment.

Paul Imagine has been coming every week and drawing. That's community.
Total Babe.

It is fun to see a couple play music together. You get that "sitting on the couch together" inside banter.

Caitlyn is pretty expressive with her little face. It is fun to watch her sing, she's so pretty.

All in all it was a dreamy sweet night at the shop. Loved every minute of it.

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